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C4: Sri Lanka Civil War

BBC: Frances Harrison's documentory.

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UN Panel Report:  Secretary-General's Panel of Experts on Sri Lanka. UN Internal Report on Sri Lanka  [<panel<]
UNHRC Report - Feb 2014  and Reply by Sri Lanka Feb 2014
An Appeal To UNHRC Member States
An Appeal to The Governments of The World 2009: As genocide of Tamils in Sri lanka escalates, US, UK, France, EU Calls for Sri Lanka to stop the war.

SL in Geneva
Failed LLRC
Land Grab from Tamils
No Fire Zone
OHCHR (UNHRC) Report on SL 11-1-2013
(Parliamentary Select Committee)
Sri lanaa, SA and TRC
Truth and Reconsiliation SA
Anti Human Rights
An open letter to members of UNHRC
Blak July 1983
Liberation vs Violence

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China's genocide of Tamils

China's international Thuggery in UNHRC

Reporting Sri Lanka to UNHRC-Geneva
Are you a representative of a member country of UNHRC and planning to vote on the resolution about Sri Lanka in Geneva. Tamils kindly request you to study the matter properly as Sri Lankan government is using all in its powers to spread lies to your establishments about this matter to win your votes by deceit.

Please ask questions at the voice less, representation less, Tamils to clear your doubts. We at can find answers or forward your questions to inform you of the true situation. Please do write to us to make an informed choice. We think it is your duty to learn from both side before voting as the matter is of genocidal scale.

For example see how the Government of Cuba was lied to by the government of Sri Lanka.

About Regime Change in Sri Lanka - Jan 2015
  • Refusing a political solution
  • III - Investigate Genocide/War crimes: Independent and credible international investigation
  • Structural Genocide: Planned Colonization of Tamil Homeland (Land Grab, Colonization, Structural Genocide)
  • Cultural Genocide:
  • Genocide: Genocide of Tamils by Sri Lanka Government, by Sinhala People, by Sri Lanka Military
  • Intending Genocide: Continuing Genocidal intent of vast majority of Sinhala people of Sri Lanka
  • False propaganda using economic development as the problem
  • War Crimes: War crimes by Sri Lanka Government. Ref
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Mass Rapes: Mass rape by the Military & Para-Military,  Officially rapist Government of Sri Lanka
  • Abductions and Disappearances. An officially rapist Government of Sri Lanka.
  • Government sponsored assassinations and disappearances of journalists
  • Using limited Economic development as pretext for cheating international community while implementing Genocide tasks
  • Discriminations in Economic Development, Diverting & Thieving Humanitarian Aids
  • Using Murder, Threats, Intimidations, Terror, Arrests, and other means to silence peaceful protests
  • Preventing Humanitarian Assistance
  • Mass of Tamil Refugees
  • Rigging Elections, Ristricted Political Space
  • Refusing press freedom and controlling media
  • LLRC and its failings; TNA Analytical Response to the LLRC Report
  • China Abetting Genocide, America for Justice or Business,
  • State Terrorism and State Racism in Sri Lanka
Geneva resolution -27 March 2014

Breaking News (Geneva): Re2

Genocidal Sri Lanka in UN

8 March 2015

19 February 2015
Tamils call for Sri Lanka's paramilitary leader Iniya Bharathi to face justice

Genocidal mass rapist occupying 
Sri Lankan army give houses to Tamil IDPs in Vavuniya

19 February 2015 
'Justice delayed must not be justice denied' says Sri Lanka Campaign

19 February 2015 
UK MPs had urged UN inquiry on Sri Lanka to be released for the victims of genocidal crimes

19 February 2015 
No Fire Zone screened across US, director calls for international pressure on Sri Lanka

18 February 2015 
Giving Sri Lanka more time ‘encourages genocide’ NPC member tells US

18 February 2015 
Accountability will lay basis for progress in Sri Lanka – UN Secretary-General

18 February 2015 
Delay only justified if OISL gathers more evidence from victims - ICET

18 February 2015 
Genocidal Sri Lankan ministers reject UN investigation into mass atrocities

18 February 2015 
Victims of genocide have already waited far too long says BTF

17 February 2015 
India will call on Sri Lanka to take tangible steps to reconcile Tamils says Alan Keenan

17 February 2015 
TNA accuses government of reneging on promises regarding demilitarisation

17 February 2015 
Sri Lanka must use extra time to work with UN – Hugo Swire

UNHRC Chief Grants ‘One-Time Only’ Deferral Of Sri Lanka War Report

17 February 2015 
Genocidal mass rapist occupying Sri Lanka's Continuing militarisation of Tamil school children across North-East

17 February 2015 
Tamil issues must be resolved before considering Sri Lanka's unity government, says TNA

17 February 2015 
Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera to visit China

17 February 2015 
OISL deferral must lead to stronger report – Amnesty International

17 February 2015 
Wigneswaran calls for action against Sinhala political chauvinism

16 February 2015 
Witnesses 'deeply disappointed' by UN inquiry delay says TAG

16 February 2015
Human Rights Council gives Sri Lanka 6 months to cooperate with UN inquiry

16 February 2015 
Tamil Nadu Congress Committee backs NPC resolution calling for genocide investigation

15 February 2015
Domestic investigation unacceptable regardless of when OISL report is released says TNA
M A Sumanthiran

15 February 2015 
Tamil diaspora orgs urge UN human rights chief to release Sri Lanka inquiry report

14 February 2015 
Jaffna Uni lecturers call for UN inquiry on Sri Lanka to release report without delay

14 February 2015 
Genocidal mass rapist occupying Sri Lankan army distribute uniforms to Jaffna school children

14 February 2015 
Genocide resolution expresses Tamils' feelings Wigneswaran tells Sri Lankan president

14 February 2015 
Focus is on ‘accountability and reconciliation’ in Sri Lanka says US

The United States said it is focused on supporting “accountability and reconciliation” in Sri Lanka, following a visit from the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka Mangala Samaraweera, who was in Washington on Thursday. [more]

13 February 2015 
US calls for ‘greater accountability’ in Sri Lanka

US Secretary of State John Kerry called for Sri Lanka to open up “greater accountability” and to preserve human rights, in remarks before his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka Mangala Samaraweera in Washington on Thursday.

13 February 2015 
TNA welcomes NPC genocide resolution

The Tamil National Alliance welcomed the genocide resolution passed by the Northern Provincial Council and urged it to “go further” and follow it up.

12 February 2015 
Sri Lanka asks UN to delay report into mass atrocities against Tamils

11 February 2015 
Hugo Swire discusses accountability and reconciliation with Sri Lanka's foreign minister

10 February 2015 
Genocide resolution is challenge to 'moral integrity' of Sinhalese and world – CM Wigneswaran

10 February 2015 
UN must stay involved to ensure independent investigation into Sri Lanka’s atrocities - NYT

10 February 2015
Sri Lanka: Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Calls UN to Investigate Genocide of Tamils by Sri lanka Government
Sri Lanka Genocide and UN Sri Lanka Genocide

Sri Lanka Must Cooperate with the U.N. Investigation: Ban-Ki-Moon
[ Saturday, 07 February 2015 ]

Diaspora want UN team in Lanka
[ Saturday, 07 February 2015 ]

05 February 2015
Sri Lankan general accused of war crimes to attend Indian university

GTF update

No Letup on UN Probe
Sri Lanka in UN

The Diplomat:Sri Lanka: Hope for Minorities? The Historically Violent Nations.

US May Seek Postponement of UNHRC Resolution Against Lanka

I saw my daughter with Maithri - Mother says

03 February 2015 
'Full and independent inquiry into war crimes' needed - UK Cabinet Minister

03 February 2015 
'UN investigation is first real hope for justice in Sri Lanka' says HRW

02 February 2015 
Tamil mothers demand new Sri Lanka govt returns missing children

A Chance for Justice in Sri Lanka? by Dr. Mark Ellis, Executive Director of the International Bar Association, London

28 January 2015

UK MPs call for Sri Lanka to co-operate with UN inquiry or face sanctions
UK tells SL: Release North & East land
UK MPs call for Sri Lanka to co-operate with UN inquiry or face sanctions
Obama tells India with power comes responsibility from Burma to Sri Lanka

Only one Way To Prosecute US Citizen Gotabaya
...that I published in the New York Times, in which I described reasons that the United States can and should pursue a criminal investigation of U.S. citizen and Sri Lanka’s ex-Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa.
Mr Goodman

Sri Lankan military must be removed from North, Wigneswaran tells UK minister

History of Sri Lanka governments is a history of cheating the world in every which way.
UNHRC should be vigilant of the new governments attempt to derail the current proceedings. Jayantha Dhanapala to meet UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Atrocities by Sri lanka
Genocidal Mass Rapist War Criminal Sri lanka in UNHRC.

10 January 2015
'A cell in The Hague, the nightmare for Colombo’s rulers' - Trevor Grant
MS taking oath

10 January 2015 

Tamil Nadu parties demand Sirisena allow access to UN investigators

Tamils debate

Genocidal Mass rapist Sri lanka military and Government - 10 January 2015
Japan hopes for promotion of 'reconciliation, democracy and economic development'

09 January 2015
UN will continue to support accountability in Sri Lanka says UN Sec Gen

09 January 2015
UK: Cameron calls on Maithri to support UN inquiry
09 January 2015
Canada calls on Maithri to address accountability and devolution

09 January 2015
US: Conclusion of elections provide 'moment of hope' says Obama

09 January 2015
Canada: Liberal Party of Canada calls for devolution and demilitarisation of Northeast

09 January 2015
UK: Labour foreign office minister calls for Maithri to cooperate with UN

09 January 2015
UK: Opportunity for SL to be peaceful and inclusive says UK Foreign Sec

09 January 2015
Look forward to working with Sirisena for 'inclusive, democratic' SL says Kerry

Sri Lanka president RAJAPAKSE's ASSETS IN USA

Not only the genocidal mass rapist Mahinda rajapakse , but also the opposition which also out to defend mass rapes, genocide, warcrimes and various atrocities against Tamils  indicates it wont too...
17 December 2014
Sri Lanka Opposition reiterate rejection of UN inquiry
Both are from the genocidal majority. Who ever wins, Sri Lanka still (after presidential elections) goin to be a failed state bent on continuing with mass rape by army, mass muder and genocide by government forces voted by genocidal Sinhala masses.

Sri Lankan Opposition Pledges War Crime Inquiry 

09 December 2014
No solution offered to Tamils by either candidate - TNA

09 December 2014
LSE Student Union calls for prosecutions and sanctions against Sri Lanka

08 December 2014
Tamil Civil Society Forum formally launched

07 December 2014
Presidential election not addressing Tamil concerns says TNA

11 December 2014 Rape, land grabs and militarisation destroying Tamil life in North-East - Chief Minister

15 December 2014
Amnesty International urges candidates to ensure prosecution for international law violations

10 December 2014
Thousands of Tamils killed 'under our eyes' says UN Genocide Prevention advisor

UN blames Sri Lanka’s neighbours [ for allowing/facilitating genocide and other atrocities] - 10 Dec 2014

War crimes probe:UN receives report on political, military liability
European org also provides scores of witness testimonies
November 30, 2014

Karen Parker's Statement before UN Human Rights Council
International Educational Development, Inc., and the Association of Humanitarian Lawyers welcome the work of the Special Rapporteur DeGreiff on the promotion of truth, justice, reparation and guarantees of non-recurrence to address the issue of prosecution of perpetrators of gross violations of human rights and humanitarian law...


< >

Conspiracy to take Genocidal MR before int’l court by April

Land Problems Not Resolved In The East

Professor G. L. Peiris and Genocidal Sri Lanka Faces Isolation internationally

U.N. Rights Chief Says Sri Lanka Is Obstructing War Crimes Inquiry By NICK CUMMING-BRUCE. The New York Times

Over 160 new complaints in Mullaitivu
US cautions Sri Lanka against attempts

SL Human Rights haunting the Rajapakses.

31 October 2014

Genocidal massrapist UN Human Rights Committee is 'biased' says Sri Lanka
 02 November 2014
Mass rapist army Governor launches investigation into Ananthy Sasitharan over UN inquiry
01 November 2014
Genocidal Govt to investigate TNA 'plot' to collect evidence for UN inquiry
31 October 2014
UN Human Rights Committee raises concerns in Sri Lanka's ICCPR review conclusions
Repeal 18A: UNHRC tells SL

UNHRC Makes Concluding Remarks On Human Rights Performance Of SL

Rajapaksa 'politically vulnerable' ahead of early Sri Lanka polls
Alan Keenan
Alan Keenan
Rajapaksa ‘politically vulnerable’ ahead of early Sri Lanka polls
By Alan Keenan | @akeenan23

Arrests by Sri Lanka: Sri lanka arrests those distribute the forms supplied by UNHRC, Read in Tamil, Read in Tamil,
UNHRC: SL arrests

Citing systematic SL intimidation, Ananthy urges more time from OISL

SL military steps up threats against OISL submissions

18 October 2014
We are not prepared to accept OISL report says SL ambassador in US
AI launches new campaign on Lanka

UNHRC Is Simply Evaluating Sri Lanka’s Compliance To A Covenant – Yolanda Foster
HR Accuses Sri lanka, Sri Lanka rejects UNHRC - 09 October 2014
Sri Lanka rejects Human Rights Committee criticism over ICCPR adherence
08 October 2014
UK strongly supports the international inquiry reiterates FCO minister, meeting with Tamil diaspora
UK Reiterates Its Support To Sri Lanka War Crime Investigation Office

UN Human Rights Committee Raises Concerns Over Blocking Colombo Telegraph

De Facto Chief Justice Says The Only Person Who Knows Everything Is Gotabaya

What Is Legal And Illegal Does Not Matter In SL Anymore: AHRC

07 October 2014
Sri Lanka faces tough questions from UN Human Rights Committee

Genocidal rajapakse accuses UNHRC - 07 October 2014
UNHRC 'in habit of leveling baseless allegations' says Rajapaksa

Genocidal Mass rapist sri lanka Gi=overnment says: Sri Lanka Should Be Judged In Proportion To The Challenges Faced By A Country Emerging From A 30 Year Terrorist Conflict: Ravinatha

04 October 2014
Tamils fearful of giving evidence to UN inquiry amid govt intimidation says TNA MP

Attack On Journalist Well Planned: Lawyers Collective

Report to UN raises concerns on Lanka


- 25 Sep 2014 -

Item:10 Country Reports and General Debate -
38th Meeting 27th Regular Session of Human Rights Council - 25 Sep 2014 -
Introduction of country reports of the Secretary-General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights followed by General Debate Under Agenda Item:10 Technical assistance and capacity-building ;
Video queue to 7min19Sec for Update on Sri Lanka>;  39min:38sec-Sri Lanka rejects UNHRC; 57min-Egypt; Montinegro103min; 1:08:37 Island; 1:11:34 US; 1:16 Venuzuela; 1:17 FR;  1:20 UK; 1:24 russia; 1:28 Cuba; 1:30 china; 1:37 moldive, 1:40 India; 1:43 Philippine, 1:46 Namibia; Pakistan;

Video queue to the time indicated, eg, China 01:31:27

1. Ms. Flavia Pansieri, Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights

2. Cambodia, Mr. Iv Heang (Concerned Country)

3. Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mr. Sébastien Mutomb Mujing (Concerned Country)

4. Iraq, Mr. Hassan Janabi (Concerned Country)

5. Sri Lanka, Mr. Ravinatha P. Aryasinha (Concerned Country)

6. Yemen, Mr. Ali Mohamed Saeed Majawar (Concerned Country)

7. Italy (on behalf of European Union), Mr. Marco Lapadura

8. Russian Federation (on behalf of a Group Countries), Ms. Maria Khodynskaya-Golenishcheva

9. Egypt (on behalf of Like-Minded Group), Mr. Mohammad El Shahed

10. United Arab Emirates (on behalf of Arab Group), Mr. Saeed Mohamed Ali Abdulrahman Almarzooqi

11. Thailand (on behalf of a Group of Countries), Mr. Thani Thongphakdi

12. Montenegro, Ms. Zorica Maric-Djordjevic

13. Ireland, Mr. James C. O’Shea

14. United States of America, Mr. Keith M. Harper

15. Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Mr. Edgardo Toro Carreño

16. France, Mr. Pierre Le Goff

17. United Kingdom of Great Britain, Mr. Robert Last

18. Russian Federation, Ms. Anastasia Bagdatieva

19. Morocco, Mr. Amine Chabi

20. Cuba, Ms. Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo

21. China, Mr. Xu Feng

22. Sierra Leone, Ms. Cassandra Labor-Bangura

23. Maldives, Mr. Ismail Raushan Zahir

24. India, Mr. Vishnu Reddy

25. Philippines, Mr. Enrico T. Fos

26. Namibia, Ms. Sabine Böhlke-Möller

27. Algeria, Mr. Antar Hassani

28. Costa Rica, Ms. Adriana Rodriguez

29. Pakistan, Mr. Aamar Aftab Qureshi

30. Netherlands, Mr. Paul Peters

31. Norway, Ms. Hariiet Berg

32. Thailand, Ms. Kanita Sapphaisal

33. Mozambique, Mr. Jaime Chissano

34. UNICEF, Ms. Nicolette Moody

35. Sudan, Ms. Azza Mohammed Abdalla Hassan

36. Belgium, Mr. Bertrand de Crombrugghe

37. Council of Europe, Mr. Matias Espinosa

38. Belarus, Ms. Inna Vasilevskaya

39. Sri Lanka, Mr. Shavindra Fernando

40. Qatar, Mr. Almuhannad Ali Al-Hammadi

41. Canada, Ms. Elissa Golberg

42. Switzerland, Ms. Barbara Fontana

43. Myanmar, Ms. Lynn Marlar Lwin

44. South Sudan, Mr. Lamadan Tombe

45. Azerbaijan, Mr. Elvin Ashrafzade

46. Bangladesh, Ms. Nahida Sobhan

47. Lao People's Democratic Republic, Mr. Xayfhong Sengdara

48. Uzbekistan, Mr. Javohir Nurmetov

49. Pasumai Thaayagam Foundation, Mr. Ganesh Kumar

50. Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development, Mr. Ahmed Adam

51. International Federation for Human Rights Leagues, Mr. Nicolas Agostini

52. Advocates for Human Rights, Ms. Amy Bergquist

53. International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism, Mr.Taisuke Komatsu

54. Alsalam Foundation, Mr. Sayed Yusuf Al-Muhafdha

55. Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, Ms. Silvia Caterini

56. CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation, Ms. Renate Bloem

57. Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain Inc, Mr. Michael Payne

58. Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Ms. Aabna Chandran

59. Servas International, Mr. Jonny Saganger

60. Human Rights Watch, Ms. Laura Schulke

61. Amnesty International, Mr. Peter Splinter

62. Rencontre Africaine pour la defense des droits de l'homme, Ms. Elodie Malbois

63. International Buddhist Foundation, Mr. Chandra Pinnagoda

64. Reporters Sans Frontiers International - Reporters Without Borders International, Ms. Hélène Sockstein

65. Liberation, Mr. Emmanuel Seemanpillai Joseph

66. Le Collectif des Femmes Africaines du Hainaut, Mr. Gagendrakumar G. Ponnambalan

67. Thailand (Right of Reply)

68. Sri Lanka (Right of Reply)

69. Ethiopia (Right of Reply)

70. Democratic Republic of the Congo (Right of Reply)

India's Statement, Pasumaithayakam Statement,

Tamils at UN
15 Sept 2014: Tamils demonstrate in front of UNHRC

Genocidal Sri Lanka at UN, catergorically rejects OHCHR/UNHRC - 25 September 2014
Sri Lanka rejects OHCHR inquiry, dismisses call to cooperate
Genocidal rejection by Lanka
Fundamental and far-reaching accountability needed in Sri Lanka says UN Human Rights Chief
25 September 2014

GoSL Has Directly Challenged The UNHRC
MR blasts UNHRC

25 September 2014
BTF welcomes UN recognition of intimidation, urges witness protection

IDMC: Submission to 112th session of the UN Human Rights Committee for October 2014 Sri Lanka review
Panel Discussion: Sri Lanka and the Office of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Investigation
Thursday 16th October, 6:30-8:30pm

   A fundamental and far-reaching accountability process is needed for Sri Lanka, says the new UN Human Rights Chief during his speech on Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council. The transcript of Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s oral update on promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights can be found here:

Sri Lanka  Has Directly Challenged The UNHRC

15 Sept 2014
Tamils demonstrate in front of UNHRC
Thousands demonstrate in Geneva demanding justice for genocide and independence referendum
Tamils in Geneva 2014

10 September 2014
UN investigation has ‘full support’ of UK - Swire

Sri Lanka reiterates rejection of UN inquiry at opening day of Human Rights Council
Sept 2014

Resolutions passed at the 15th National Convention of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi held at Vavuniya on 5, 6, 7 September 2014Resolutions passed at the 15th National Convention of the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi held at Vavuniya on 5, 6, 7 September 2014

Opening Statement by Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at the Human Rights Council 27th Session
Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein UN: New rights chief urges Colombo to cooperate
Sri Lanka Dictates – New UN HCHR Must Work In Its Favour

UN: Prince Al Hussein to follow Pillay's footsteps

Govt. to meet new UN High Commissioner

UK supports new UNHRC chief's call for Sri Lanka to cooperate with international probe while India supports a national mechanism

US commends Pillay for probe on Sri Lanka
Navi Pillai at UNHRC

SL: Collect Data on Army Activity, Wigneswaran to Tamil Youth

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein assumed his functions as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on 1 September 2014
Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein
Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad - Wikipedia 30 August 2014
UK PM urged to take action over Sri Lanka's refusal to issue visas to UN investigators

FAQ on the UN Human Rights Council Resolution (2014) on Sri Lanka A UN investigation into allegations of violations of human rights in Sri Lanka is about to commence.

Navi Pillay - Wikipedia
Navi pillai - Facebook

Navi Pillay ends a turbulent stint as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Navi Pillai

Farewell to Navi Pillay, South Africa’s first non-white female judge
Navi Pillai at UNHRC
An Interview with Human Rights Champion Navipillai  - Jon Snow Channel 4

Sri Lanka’s Intransigence  NYT

...puts Sri Lanka in the company of North Korea and Syria, two countries that also barred access to United Nations human rights investigators...

Ban asks SL to cooperate with UN panel
Sri Lanka visa ban won't stop UN inquiry - Navi Pillay
Sri Lanka to refuse entry to UN investigators

On Illegal Possession Of Land By The Military And Demographic Change In North & East -

By R. Sampanthan 13 August 2014
Ref: War crimes evidence called for
Any state, individual or organisation may submit information in writing to the OISL. Submissions to the OISL may be sent to:

The deadline for submissions to the UN inquiry is 30 Oct 2014 - less than 3 months away. This is a very short time frame for new witnesses to come forward OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka groups say government wary of U.N. war crimes probe
By Ranga Sirilal and Shihar Aneez  Aug 6, 2014

War crimes: New UN probe puts pressure on Sri Lanka

Regarding the genocidal SL Government commision started recently to counter the UNHRC ongoing commissions work - July2014. TNA remains sceptical over (genocidal) government commission Mannaar Bishop rejects (Genocidal) GoSL’s Presid ential commission on missing person ‘Commission On Missing Persons’ Suggest Denial Of Truth On Part Of Those Who Appointed It: Bishop Rayappu
11 August 2014
Access to Sri Lanka not necessary for investigation says UN Human Rights Chief
UN Chief Says Access Not a Must for Sri Lanka War Crimes Probe

Tribute to Navi Pillay from Sri Lankan activist

UN investigation panel officially commenced investigations against SL today
Investigation begins

UN Human Rights Chief announces details of Sri Lanka conflict investigation

GENEVA (25 June 2014)

Mr Martti Ahtisaari, former President of Finland and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, who has also served as a UN diplomat and mediator and is renowned for his international peace work; Ms Silvia Cartwright, former Governor-General and High Court judge of New Zealand, and judge of the Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts in Cambodia, as well as former member of the UN Committee for the Elimination of Discrimination against Women Ms Asma Jahangir, former President of Pakistan’s Supreme Court Bar Association and of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, previous holder of several Human Rights Council mandates and member of a recent fact-finding body into Israeli settlements.

UN inquiry team on Sri Lanka war crime named

Sri Lanka Says Will Not Cooperate With The OHCHR-Driven “Comprehensive Investigation”

Full Speech: “Cooperate With A Credible Truth­seeking Process” Outgoing Navi Pillay Tells Sri Lanka
Navi Pillai
10 June 2014
UK, US urge Sri Lanka to cooperate with international inquiry at opening of 26th UNHRC session
10 June 2014
SL rejects appointment of OHCHR probe team
Sexual Violence in Conflict: Sri Lanka
Time to end
09 June 2014        Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict
William Haugh

7 June 2014
The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) took a step closer last week to naming an international investigation team to probe alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka. This is when the UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay briefed Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative Ravinatha Ariyasinha on the contours of the OCHCR initiative — the result of the latest US backed resolution in March. The meeting took place on Friday, May 30. Ariyasinha has since reported on the matter to both President Rajapaksa and the External Affairs Ministry.

He has been told that the international investigation team will comprise two senior experts of stature and three special rapporteurs. Pillay is expected to announce details at the 26th sessions of the UN Human Rights Council which will be held in Geneva from June 10 to 27. Listed as Item 2 in the inaugural day agenda is an “update by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.” The team, which will sit in different capitals, will seek permission to visit Sri Lanka. However, the Government has made clear it will not allow them. A Government statement, after Pillay’s own, is to spell out Colombo’s response. Pillay has chosen not to hold a news conference on the matter though senior officials in her bureau do concede that putting together the investigation team and the areas for such an exercise has taken longer than expected. This is in view of the work involved.

UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon on Friday named a successor to Pillay. An official announcement said: “The Secretary-General, following consultations with the Chairmen of the regional groups of Member States, today (Friday) informed the General Assembly of his intention to appoint H.R.H. Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein of Jordan as the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

<Courtesy Sunday Times- SL>

17 April 2014
5 years today - Sri Lanka intends to exterminate Tamil population says TNA, NGOs call for UN to fulfil responsibility to protect

SL military assassinated 3 ex-LTTE members after deception, entrapment

Sri Lankan Top Brass War Criminals

TNA to back South African process

Tamil media workers demand justice for attacked journalist

 Fonseka denies Indian role in 2009

Sri Lanka the failed state - April 16, 2014
Sri Lanka Ranked Fourth In Newly Updated Impunity Index

Perpetratrof human rights violations, Sharma
Canada’s Suspension Of C’Wealth Funding: Sharma Disappointed

15 April 2014:  A militarised New Year

UN investigation on Sri Lanka to examine a broad range of information and evidence

 Tamil journalist attacked in Jaffna

Biswal and Solheim discuss Lanka

 Indian forces took part in SL war

The Abuse Of Presidential Pardon

Video: New War Crimes: Torture by Sri lanka Military

Sri Lanka uses Commonwealth funds to continue its mass rape and human rights violations

 5 years today - Tamil civilians killed carrying white flags in No Fire Zone, diaspora continues protests

SL land grab of Tamil-owned property continues in East
13 April 2014

Sri Lanka - UN Inquiry Just the Start of a Long Road to Justice

Canada Suspends Voluntary Commonwealth Funds
April 14, 2014

14 April 2014
Tamil journalist attacked by iron bars in Jaffna

14 April 2014
We have real concerns in Sri Lanka - UK FCO Minister Hugo Swire

14 April 2014
'We will continue to keep Sri Lanka issue alive' says Stephen Rapp at event on international criminal justice

International Inquiries to begin in June
இலங்கைக்கு எதிராக ஜூனில் சர்வதேச விசாரணை: ஐ.நா அறிவிப்பு -

Those give evidence to UN investigati0ns will be punished - SL Minister
ஐ.நாற்கு சாட்சியமளித்தால் தண்டிக்கப்படுவீர்கள்; எச்சரிக்கிறார் கெஹலிய

10 April 2014
FCO annual report expresses serious concern over rights situation in Sri Lanka

09 April 2014
Namal Rajapaksa’s Mullaiththeevu operative detained on human trafficking allegation

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - "arresting-female-family-members"– A Sri Lankan women's rights group said Wednesday ... Human rights groups have called

HR probe: Govt. won’t cooperate, but wants secret UN report released

Prof. Peiris declines to speculate on speculation

Congress says it worked for Tamils

Pakistan reiterates its continuous support to SL

Sri Lanka, Vietnam discuss strengthening cooperation in public security, law and order

TNA wants Mahinda to control army

‘Set up mechanism for northern Muslims’ resettlement’
What drew bond investors to Sri Lanka this week?
Short interview with Luwie Ganeshathasan on UNHRC Resolution on Sri Lanka

Dangerous And Genocidal Dayange Chinthanaya

Sri Lanka’s Terrorist List Is A Modern Version Of McCarthyism – Brad Adams

Vietnamese Minister of Public Security Meets Gonocidal Mass rapist gang President of Sri lanka

Sri Lanka will not assist international probe: Peiris
Prof. Peiris explains why Sri Lanka won’t cooperate with UN probe
Sinking Rajapakse's Rajapaksa govt. taken aback by PC results
Sri Lanka rejects UNHRC resolution

India: Lessons from Geneva: Sri Lanka inGeneva
 By V Suryanarayan - 02nd April 2014
Successful Resolution And Sabotage By Tamil Stooges!
April 2, 2014 Successful Resolution And Sabotage By Tamil Stooges!
April 2, 2014

Successful Resolution And Sabotage By Tamil Stooges!
April 2, 2014

Serious repercussions if Sri Lanka fails to cooperate with UNHRC: former UN adviser
30 March 2014

Let the U.N. Unmask the Criminals of Sri Lanka’s War

Are Sri Lanka's 'anti-terror' arrests an attempt to intimidate activists?
By Tim Hume, CNN
March 23, 2014

UNHRC witness and NP Councilor Ananthi Targeted by Sri lanka
2 Apr 2014

Cooperate to implement the resolution- UN Chief to SL
Sri Lanka : UN Chief asks Sri Lanka to constructively engage with UN High Commissioner
Sri Lanka: IBAHRI calls for increased vigilance from international community following UN Resolution to establish international

UNHRC Resolution On Sri Lanka And Possible Choices
31 March 2014
Sri Lanka Retaliates Against UN Call for War Crimes Investigation - List Tamil Groups as Terrorists
Sri Lanka Proscribes 15 Suspected LTTE Front Organizations Abroad as Foreign Terrorist Entities Under UN Resolution 1373

புலம்பெயர் அமைப்புகளுக்குத் தடை: இலங்கையில் நீதியை நிலைநாட்ட முயலும் நாடுகளுக்கான சவால். தடை2
01 April 2014
J. S. Tissainayagam Tamil Guardian
UN resolution the first step on rocky path to accountability

Joint Statement on UNHRC Resolution 25/1 on Sri Lanka
Tamils Worldwide Welcome the Establishment of an International Investigation; Urge UN to Support Political Space for Tamil Aspirations
British Tamils Forum
Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America
Ilankai Tamil Sangam
People for Equality and Relief in Lanka (PEARL)
Solidarity Group for Peace and Justice in Sri Lanka
Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
United States Tamil Political Action Council
World Thamil Organization

UNHRC vote: Vasan joins Chidambaram in protest

'Accountability overdue' in Sri Lanka - Samantha Power

“We reject the resolution”: President of Sri Lanka

UNHRC resolution against SL does not shut the door on domestic inquiry - US….. but justice and accountability cannot wait

OHCHR To Seek Engagement

TNA dismisses secret talks with govt. in Geneva>

GTF hails US resolution, echoes TNA’s call for immediate int’l probe

31 March 2014
Tamil Congress ministers unhappy with India abstention at HRC25

30 March 2014
‘Another step in a long and arduous path towards justice’ say UK university students

 30 March 2014
Tamils for Labour ‘commends’ UNHRC resolution

29 March 2014
Sri Lanka stocks down as foreigners exit after UN resolution - Reuters

29 March 2014
Sri Lanka: We will not comply with UNHRC resolution

29 March 2014
British Tamil Conservatives thank Cameron for fulfilling promise to Tamil people

Economic Embrgo
இலங்கையின் மீது பொருளாதாரத் தடைகள் விதிக்க முடியும் - யாஸ்மீன் சூகா !

By rejecting UNHRC Resolution
தீர்மானத்தை நிராகரிப்பதால் திணறப் போவது இலங்கையே - யஷ்மின் சூகா

If Sri Lanka Refuses, investigation will take place from outside Sri Lanka
இலங்கைக்கு வந்து விசாரணை மேற்கொள்ள அரசு மறுத்தால், ஆணையாளர் அலுவலகம் வெளிநாடுகளிலிருந்து விசாரணை மேற்கொள்ளும். ஜெனிவா தரப்பு செய்தி.

Mass rape by military is the reason for the resolution in UNHRC
தமிழ்ப் பெண்களிற்கு ஏற்பட்ட வன்முறைகளே ஐநாவில் தீர்மானம் நிறைவேற்றக் காரணம். சர்வதேச மன்னிப்புச்சபை. [படங்கள் இணைப்பு]

28 March 2014
US express concern over deteriorating human rights in Sri Lanka

29 March 2014
USTPAC welcomes long awaited international inquiry

British Tamil Conservatives thank Cameron for fulfilling promise to Tamil people

29 March 2014
US disappointed at India's actions during resolution vote

28 March 2014
US Senator Menendez applauds adoption of resolution, accountability long overdue

28 March 2014
BTF: welcome investigation, this is 'just the start'
 28 March 2014
Cross party UK politicians welcome establishment of independent international inquiry
28 March 2014
India stands on the sidelines as UN investigation brings new hope - Amnesty India

28 March 2014
Sampanthan defends India
28 March 2014
India: UNHRC abstention was ‘in Tamils’ best interests’
28 March 2014
Tamil Nadu fury at India abstention in UNHRC vote

‘South Africa Abstained In Sri Lanka Voting To Remain Neutral To Be A Potential Facilitator’ Says GTF
Geneva resolution -27 March 2014

TNA hails UNHRC vote as ‘historic moment’, urges all communities to engage with investigation
27 March 2014

USA March 27, 2014
U.S department of State:
UN Human Rights Council Vote on Sri Lanka Reconciliation
Press Statement by
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
Full Text of the Resolution
Human Rights Council
Twenty- fifth session

27 March 2014
‘Justice and accountability cannot wait’ says US Secretary of State

Navi Pillai The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay introduced the Sri Lanka Report and reiterated that nothing positive had happened since may 2009.

“Almost five years since the end of the conflict, it is important for the Human Rights Council to recall the magnitude and gravity of the violations alleged to have been committed at that time by the Government and the LTTE, which left thousands of civilians killed, injured or missing,” Pillay noted.

She said the failure to address the grief and trauma among victims and survivors undermines confidence in the State and reconciliation.

Published below is her statement in full;

Introduction to the Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka (A/HRC/25/23)

Geneva, 26 March 2014
High Commissioner of Human Rights
“I’m disappointed that there were so many ‘abstentions’ and 12 ‘no’ votes. It’s the Security Council, General Assembly and Human Rights Council that establishes Commissions of Inquiries. Nobody is targeting Sri Lanka here. Commissions of Inquiry were appointed in respect of Palestine, in respect of Syria and more recently the Central African Republic. The African Union established one for South Sudan. So these are the usual mechanisms employed by the international organisations, the United Nations and it various bodies, for victims to get protection of human rights, to seek accountability and to ensure victims get the justice they are seeking” Navi Pillay, the High Commissioner of Human Rights told Al Jazeera while speaking about the Sri Lanka inquiry, approved by the UN.


Colombo Telegraph
Countries Supported Sri Lanka Are “Not Free Countries”

27 March 2014

‘Enquiry must be urgent, rigorous and robust’ says No Fire Zone director

27 March 2014
Investigation must be ‘robust and far reaching’ says Amnesty International

27 March 2014
Independent investigation a welcome decision - HRW

27 March 2014
‘Resolution sends strong message’ - ICJ

27 March 2014
HRC resolution ‘a turning point’ – Tamils Against Genocide

27 March 2014
‘International investigation despite repeated betrayal of India’ – Save Tamils Movement

27 March 2014
GTF thanks sponsors, warns of Govt non-cooperation

27 March 2013
Congratulations BTF, Your hard work at UNHRC contributed to the victory

27 March 2014
We reject UN resolution - Mass rapist and Genocidal leader President Mahinda Rajapaksa of Sri Lanka

27 March 2014
'Fact finding mandate a significant step forward' - CTC
23 Member States that voted for the resolution:

United States of America
Costa Rica
Cote d’Ivoire
Czech Republic
Republic of Korea
Sierra Leone
United Kingdom
12 Member States that voted against the resolution:

Russian Federation
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

The 12 countries that voted against the Sri Lanka resolution today in the UN Human Rights Council are “not free countries” according to Freedom House and EIU Democracy…

Blatent lies of Sri Lanka at UNHRC
12 Member States that abstained from voting:

Burkina Faso
South Africa

The UN Human Rights Council today adopted the resolution that mandates an international inquiry into allegations of major human rights violations in Sri Lanka during the last seven
The resolution was endorsed by the following countries: (2014 - Non members of UNHRC):

Saint Kitts and Nevis

The resolution was endorsed by the following UNHRC member countries: 2014 Member Countries:

United States of America
United Kingdom
Sierra Leone

UNHRC Member States
The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has given careful consideration to the draft
resolution on Sri Lanka proposed at the 25th sessions of the Human Rights Council by the United States
of America, the United Kingdom, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Mauritius.
The TNA is committed to the achievement of permanent peace and reconciliation in Sri [...]
You may view the latest post at{

27 March 2014
Cameron welcomes UNHRC resolution, proud of British role in securing international investigation
Cameron welcomes UNHRC resolution
Chairman Menendez Expresses Support for an International Investigation into Sri Lankan War Crime Allegations

WASHINGTON, DC – Chairman Menendez wrote UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay to express his support for a resolution at the current session of the UN Human Rights Council that calls for an international investigation into Sri Lankan war crimes committed during that country’s civil war.

In the letter, Senator Menendez notes “that the Committee is concerned with the deteriorating environment for the democratic process and human rights in Sri Lanka.”  He also writes: “Until the Sri Lankan government engages in genuine reconciliation that serves to strengthen the long term stability of the country, I will support international efforts to promote accountability, political reconciliation and reform.”

The letter in .pdf here: or at

UN considers probe into Sri Lanka atrocities

International call for accountability in Sri Lanka 'is not going to go away' - Canada

26 March 2014
International inquiry in Sri Lanka is 'essential' - UN High Commissioner
Full Text Of The Address By Navi Pillay On Sri Lanka Report

26 March 2014
Member states call for international investigation in Sri Lanka at UNHRC
unhrc consulting

 26 March 2014
UNHRC members draw on own experiences to endorse call for international inquiry, as vital for peace in Sri Lanka

26 March 2014
NGOs call upon UNHRC to back international inquiry into Sri Lanka

25 March 2014
UN panel of experts: Why a UN probe of Sri Lanka would spark new hope for reconciliation

22 March 2014
US expresses concern over intensifying pressure on civil society and rights activists

Tamils demonstrate in Chavakacheri against land grabs
 22 March 2014

21 March 2014
Full backing of EU secured for UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka - Cameron

21 March 2014
Activists in North at risk says Amnesty, calls for urgent action

22 March 2014
Tamil university students attacked in their homeland by Sinhala students

Establish An International Investigation: Open Letter To The UNHRC On Sri Lanka By Southern Countries Based Civil Society
March 22, 2014

BBC NEWS: Tamil doctor 'was pressured to recant war reports by Sri Lanka'

Sri Lanka Tamils subjected to horrific abuse after 2009 civil war, says report

Sign this petition, from the Asian Human Rights Commission, calling for Jeyakumari's release.  - Sri Lanka Campaign Newsletter -

New report finds torture and sexual violence against Tamils in Sri Lanka increasing

20 March 2014
Genocidal  Sri Lankans burn effigies of Navi Pillay protesting against UNHRC resolution
20 March 2014
Amnesty slams Sri Lanka's 'dirty tactics'

Sri Lanka: Government rounds up activists as UN fudges on inquiry


Brutal Tactics Of Post-War Sri Lanka Exposed In New Investigation

ஜெனிவாவை திசைதிருப்பவே அரசாங்கத்தின் புலி நாடகங்கள்: சீ.வி.விக்னேஸ்வரன்

They all chose to engage with international human rights mechanisms, including UN rights Chief Navi Pillay. And now they are paying for it.

20 March 2014
New report on Sri Lanka’s “systematic” torture and sexual violence discussed at HRC side event
Video: The Way Sri Lankan Military Treats Women Recruits

19 March 2014
US Senate Foreign Relations Chair calls for international investigation in Sri Lanka

19 March 2014
24 global South civil society orgs urge stronger resolution with international investigative mechanism

Tamil Guardian 19 March 2014
Video emerges of beating, humiliation of SL Army female recruits

19 March 2014
Urgency of international investigation discussed at HRC event on Sri Lanka

Land Grab: 19 March 2014
Residents report being forced out by govt officials - Puthukudiyiruppu

 19 March 2014
TNA councillor condemns land grabs by Govt in Sampur

19 March 2014
NGO event at UNHRC calls for investigation into sexual violence in Sri Lanka

14 March 2014
Veteran politician Tony Benn passes away

Canadian students highlight genocide in letter to Harper
20 March 2014

TNA councillor condemns state led land appropriation in Samboor
19 March 2014

Time has come to stand together and support resolution - British Foreign Secretary, William Hague writes in The Hindu
18 March 2014

18 March 2014
Tamil woman recruited into Army reports repeated sexual assault

Journalists in North receive death threats over phone
18 March 2014

Chairman Menendez Expresses Support for an International Investigation into Sri Lankan War Crime Allegations:
Click here for .pdf or

18 March 2014
Tamil woman recruited into Army reports repeated sexual assualt

18 March 2014
Sri Lanka is a genocidal state, it cannot conduct an inquiry itself - Ananthy Sasitharan tells UNHRC

18 March 2014
NGOs slam Sri Lanka over arrests, impunity and genocide at UNHRC General Debate

18 March 2014
Canadian Foreign Ministry condemns detention of activists

18 March 2014
ACF calls on UNHRC to #ProtectAidWorkers

18 March 2014
International NGOs demand release of human rights activists

18 March 2014
‘Stand up for human rights in Sri Lanka’
The South Asia Director of Human Rights

17 March 2014
Navi Pillay reiterates OHCHR mandate to establish international investigation

March 13, 2014
Response To G.L. Peiris In Geneva: It Is Necessary The Truth Be Stated
The Tragedy Of Vulnerable Families Of Disappeared Persons
Statement issued by the National Peace Council - March 16, 2014

Press Release by TNA
10 Mar 2014
A Revised Version Of The US Draft Resolution Is Currently In Circulation
March 15, 2014
Tamils demonstrate outside UNHRC, demanding international investigation
10 March 2014

March2014-Tamils infront of UNHRC

 17 March 2014
Indian civil rights organisations call for international investigation

17 March 2014
New interactive map reveals extent of militarisation and Sinhalisation across North-East

17 March 2014
Jeyakumari, Vipoosika arrested restrict them from UNHRC - Vanni MP Sivasakthi Ananthan
The arrest and detention of the disappearances campaigner, Balendran Jeyakumari and her 13 year old daughter, Vipoosika, was to prevent them from giving evidence at the UN HRC, the Uthayan quoted Sivasakthi Ananthan, the MP for Vanni as saying.
17 March 2014
US: Arrests show that 'continued scrutiny' by HRC 'necessary'
US Government Concerned Over Detention Of Human Rights Defenders

13 March 2014
Tamil 'Disappearances' campaigner and 13y daughter held by Sri Lankan military
‘This is a serious threat’ warned detained Tamil campaigner
14 March 2014

Detained Tamil campaigner held under PTA act by TDI
14 March 2014
13 March 2014
Tamils fearful after disappearances campaigner and daughter arrested by SL police
1, 2,
TNA Wants Release Of Tamil Widow, Urges International Community To Intervene

13 March 2014
Britain reiterates support for international investigation
14 March 2014
CoI needed as an 'immediate step' - NP Councillor Ananthi Sasitharan tells UNHRC
14 March 2014
Ananthi Sasitharan calls for international investigation into genocide of Tamils

Human Rights Commission Is Inactive: Villagers Of Panama Protest Land Grabbing

13 March 2014
Tamil 'Disappearances' campaigner and 13y daughter held by Sri Lankan military   Read in Tamil

13 March 2014
Government to formally reject UNHRC resolution

13 March 2014
‘I saved Sri Lanka from ICC’ says Ranil Wickremesinghe

12 March 2014
Peace will come when Army leaves North, NPC tells French Ambassador

11 March 2014
DMK manifesto calls for referendum amongst Tamils in North-East and diaspora

11 March 2014
Indians call on Centre to bring justice to Eelam Tamils

11 March 2014
Tamil activists and international NGOs reiterate calls for COI

11 March 2014
Suspected war criminal appointed Bank of Ceylon chairman

11 March 2014
International investigation a must - Sri Lanka - Jaffna Uni Students Union
Press Release by TNA
10 Mar 2014

10 March 2014
British Tamils gather cross party support for international investigation

10 March 2014

1.UK wants a political solution in Lanka, 30 May 2014,
2.America fears alienation of minorities, 29 May 2014,
3.If the Governor blocks any attempts by the elected NPC to enact statutary laws , the international community, esp. the US and the UK will question Sri Lanka more and more
Hunger striker hospitalised as protests continue in Tamil Nadu

10 March 2014
Canadian PM highlights Sri Lanka in Commonwealth Day message

10 March 2014
British Tamils protest at Commonwealth Day reception

NPC minister condemns Colombo for twisting facts on Moongkilaa'ru victims
09 March 2014

10 March 2014
Commission of Inquiry is needed - Northern Provincial Councillor tells UNHRC diplomats

Is South Africa’s Model Of TRC A Trap Or Trajectory For Sri Lanka?

10 March 2014
Cameron urges other HRC members to back resolution

09 March 2014
Jayalalitha slams Centre for failing to address Tamil issues in Sri Lanka

09 March 2014
Draft resolution is a 'diplomatic fudge' - Callum Macrae

09 March 2014
Sinhalese mob attacks bus travelling to Jaffna

09 March 2014
Tamil Nadu students demand India supports international investigation into genocide

Muslims in Musali division protest against SL military land grab
10 March 2014

07 March 2014
Indian NGO calls for an international Commission of Inquiry on genocide in Sri Lanka

 07 March 2014
Britain urges Sri Lanka to sign UN sexual violence treaty

06 March 2014
Sri Lanka has ‘failed to satisfy the UNHRC’s call’ says High Commissioner

06 March 2014
Several NGOs based in the UK have urged Prime Minister David Cameron to support the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry at the UN Human Rights Counci

06 March 2014
Cross-party group of UK MPs call for international investigation in Sri Lanka

06 March 2014
Draft resolution is disappointing, Cameron's pledge has not been realised - GTF
unauk UK NGOs urge David Cameron to keep Sri Lanka promise
5 March 2014
David Cameron urged to call for CoI by UK NGOs

Cross-party group of UK MPs call for international investigation in Sri Lanka
06 March 2014

Draft resolution is disappointing, Cameron's pledge has not been realised - GTF
06 March 2014

Labour: David Cameron must now deliver on international investigation pledge
05 March 2014
Genocidal mass rapist Sri Lanka government rejects OHCHR report ‘in its entirety’
05 March 2014

05 March 2014
Labour: David Cameron must now deliver on international investigation pledge

05 March 2014
Tutu to the UN:
Archbishop Desmond Tutu urges UN to establish Commission of Inquiry in Sri Lanka
Tutu charges Sri lanka

05 March 2014
Urgent international Commission of Inquiry needed say Tamil civil society activists

05 March 2014
DMK demands international probe and referendum on self-determination

Jaffna bus attacked by racist Sinhalese near Colombo
04 March 2014

 04 March 2014
Cross-party demands for international investigation at UK Commons debate on Sri Lanka

04 March 2014
Draft resolution ‘deeply disappointing’, CoI needs to be included – USTPAC
US Confirms OHCHR Inquiry On Sri Lanka
Sarah Sewall

Our new report points to ongoing crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka's north
-By srilankacampaign -

04 March 2014
Denmark backs ‘international inquiry mechanism’ on Sri Lanka

04 March 2014
US stresses need for an investigation

04 March 2014
Sri Lankan govt continues to commit crimes against humanity against Tamils concludes new report

04 March 2014
No alternative but international inquiry says Sri Lankan civil society

03 March 2014
Strong calls for international investigation on first day of HRC session

US draft stops at Navi Pillai inquiry into HR crimes of ‘both parties’
03 March 2014
Some amendments to Pillay’s report following GoSL representations
US Offers To Work With Sri Lanka
Ban Ki Moon welcomes Pillay report on SL

Sri Lanka: UN Rights Chief Backs International Inquiry

High Commissioner Navi Pillay report on Sri Lanka leaked: international inquiry mechanism recommended: Feb 2014

Pillay’s bombshell report corners Rajapaksa regime

UNHRC navi Pillai

UNHRC Report on Sri Lanka - Feb 2014 -

UNHRS Reply by Sri Lanka - feb 2014 -

About the Parliamentary Select Committee, what is wrong with it.

Full Text Of The UK Foreign Office Response To UNHRC Report On Sri Lanka
March 3, 2014

TNA, the Tamil Party pledges to support resolution for international investigation at UNHRC  (amid fears of death threats)- 01 March 2014 -

International action on Sri Lanka remained crucial for reconciliation and accountability - ICG 1 March 2014 -
(About International Crisis Group ICG)

International commission of inquiry is only first step says former UN Human Rights Chief - Louise Arbour - 01 March 2014 -

International Conventions and illegality of the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 1, Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 2, Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 3

We will not demilitarise the North-East - Sri Lankan Defence Secretary
26 February 2014

'International community now has a duty to act' says UK, calling for an international investigation - 01 March 2014 -

'Continued militarisation' and 'culture of fear' persist in North-East - The Social Architects
26 February 2014

26 February 2014
German Ambassador meets TNA in the North-East

Amnesty International calls for independent international investigation into war crimes
26 February 2014

Prison authorities accused of maltreatment by family of British Tamil inmate
25 February 2014

'Sri Lanka hostile to accountability' - Deutsche Welle report
26 February 2014

Sri Lanka's Northern Provincial Council adopts resolution against the alleged Sinhala colonization in the North
Feb 22, 2014

UN Human Rights Chief releases report calling for independent international inquiry
24 February 2014

High Commissioner Navi Pillay report on Sri Lanka leaked: international inquiry mechanism recommended: Feb 2014

Pillay’s bombshell report [leaked Feb 2014] corners Rajapaksa regime

Mass rape organised by Sri Lanka Government. US “extremely concerned” over rapes in Sri Lanka says Ambassador

Australian Senate calls for international investigation

16 February 2014
SL needs international inquiry concludes UN Human Rights Chief

16 February 2014
UK ‘concerned at military involvement in civilian activities’

‘High time for international mechanism’ - Amnesty International

Genocide abettor China tells international community "leave the genocidal Sri lanka alone".
12 Feb 2014

Genocide abettor China offers support to Sri Lanka against international actions

Genocidal Sinhalese bickering among them selves, over who created the Tamil diaspora
11 feb 2014

TNA demands international probe into mass graves

‘Government commission is a fake’
NPC Deputy Chairman tells Japan

Ignore SL's threats and call for international probe says USTPAC

EU to call for war crimes investigation at UNHRC

Tamil Guardian 12 January 2014
US calls for investigations and prosecutions
UN Genocide, Mass Rape, Atrocities... by Government of Sri Lanka UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon says the UN had learned from the war in Sri Lanka and as a result an action plan has been put in place to ensure a similar situation does not occur in any other country.
December 17, 2013

Intended Resolution on Sri Lanka submitted in the US Senate
Feb 9, 2014,
US senate resolution calls for international inquiry

UK repeats March 2014 deadline : Tamil Guardian 07 February 2014

Sri Lanka’s own Northern Council Calls for Int'l War Crimes Investigation Against Sri Lankan Leaders
Jan 2014  [1, 2, ]
US Nisha US envoy to visit NE and London before discussing SL resolution

Tamil Guardian 03 February 2014
US prepared to support Sri Lankan government to ensure credible investigation

Holding Sri Lanka to Account
New York Times

UK govt should push for an international inquiry now - Labour leader Ed Miliband

Potential genocidal crimes of SL are result of 'deliberate planning and policy decisions' - ICEP report

Tamil Guardian 06 February 2014
TESO resolution calls for international investigation

Tamil Guardian 06 February 2014
Canada prepared to take 'principled actions' against Sri Lanka

ICEP Expert Panel’s Report Recommends A Full International Investigation On Sri Lanka’s War Crimes

Tamil Guardian 02 February 2014
"This is an ongoing genocide" - landgrabs conference concludes

Tamil Guardian 02 February 2014
Sri Lanka rejects US official's criticisms

Tamil Guardian 02 February 2014
Sri Lankan journalist found murdered

Tamil Guardian 01 February 2014
'Patience is wearing thin' says US official

Tamil Guardian 01 February 2014
Biswal listens to Tamil grievances during visit to Jaffna

Tamil Guardian 31 January 2014
Land grabs constitute genocide of Tamil nation - Day 1 of international land-grab conference concludes

Sri Lankan MoD issues threats to TNA ahead of UNHRC

Tamil council member found dead in Nuwareliya

Sri Lanka war report 'shows rights abuses' ( video news )
International lawyers say government forces systematically destroyed mass burial sites of civilians during civil war.

Tamil Guardian 05 February 2014
Key findings of ICEP report

Tamil Guardian 05 February 2014
CTC calls for 'financial and diplomatic sanctions' against Sri Lanka

Tamil Guardian 04 February 2014
Jayalalitha to push for UNHRC resolution seeking justice for genocide of Tamils

Tamil Guardian 05 February 2014
ICEP report underscores why an international investigation is urgently needed say Tamils

Tamil Guardian 31 January 2014
Land grabs constitute genocide of Tamil nation - Day 1 of international land-grab conference concludes

Tamil Guardian 30 January 2014
GTF's Father Emmanuel calls on Sydney Archbishop to press for international inquiry

Sri Lanka: President Rajapakse lies in Tamil homeland, presidential secretary rebukes president's lies in UNHRC.

I will attend Geneva to highlight the Sri Lanka government's human rights violations.
- Prominent Sinhalese, Vikramabahu Karnarantna -
ஜெனிவா சென்று அரசின் மனித உரிமை மீறல் குறித்து சுட்டிக்காட்டுவேன்; விக்ரமபாகு கருணாரட்ன. - 23 ஜனவரி 2014 -

US Wants GSL To Seek The Truth Through Independent, Credible Investigations And Prosecutions USA

Tamil Guardian 13 January 2014
'Sri Lanka does not deserve more time to conduct an independent investigation into war crimes' - Labour MP
Stephen US confirms Sri Lankan army shelling of civilians in 2009
Jan 2014
Stephen Rapp was briefed on structural genocide at Bishop's House in Jaffna
US 1, 2,
William Hague War Crimes Inquiry before March 2013 Possible

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague has said he believes it is possible for the Sri Lankan government to establish a war crimes inquiry before March.

It comes after PM David Cameron called on president Mahinda Rajapaksa to set up an independent inquiry into alleged war crimes - or face a UN probe.

US Congressional Caucus on Ethnic and Religious Freedom in Sri Lanka launched
Sri Lanka: III Advance to time frame 4:43 on the video below
British Prime Minister David Cameron Announces the Call for Independent Investigations
Nov 2013
... and it means credible transparent and independent investigations into alleged war crimes; and let me be very clear that if this investigations is not completed by March then I'll use our position on the UNHRC to work with the UN Human Rights Commissioner; and call for a full credible and independent inquiry.

BBC: Frances Harrison's documentory.  [ Sri Lanka Accused]
Nov 2013

C4: Sri Lanka Civil War

International Crisis Group release new report on situation in Sri Lanka:

BTF HR Team in Geneva for 24th Session of the UNHRC

BBC: Sri Lanka army rape, torture, ware crimes and genocide
Sri Lanka's unanswered questions over human rights
23 October 2013

Australian police investigating war crimes by Sri Lanka -
Oct 2013 - Case filed by International Commission of Jurist
The Australian Federal Police force has opened an investigation into war crime claims leveled against three prominent Sri Lankans including the country's president.

UK politicians consider genocide of Tamils in SL
08 October 2013

SH Canada: Why we’re boycotting the Sri Lanka summit iPolitics Insight
By John Baird | Oct 11, 2013

A better day will come for the people of Sri Lanka. And  Commonwealth nations should be leading the way to that better future — not rewarding the status quo.

Rajapaksa, a serial abuser of human rights
- Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper - 08 October 2013 -

India discusses Sri Lanka Genocide: Video

Sri Lanka Press Release: Sri Lanka has no obligation to answer for Tamil civilian deaths of 2009 : GL Peiris

Following UNHRC's factfinding mission, Sri Lanka Government harasses: 

TID operatives harass Thinakkural journalists in Jaffna - Oct 2013

UNHRC Calls for War Crimes Investigation
Sep 2013
UNHRC:  Srilanka: War Crimes Investigation Essential - 2013 UNHRC (YouTube)

Navi Pillai Interview with Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - 27/09/2013  (Video and transcript)

Genocide, land grab and militarisation by Sri Lanka: Speech at UNHRC by Pasumai Thaayagam
26 September 2013

The Economist
About the recent NPS Elctions: The Economist
The provincial council is weak. Real power lies in a shadow military administration, including an army commander who is now governor. It will carry on deciding day-to-day matters. Meanwhile, the army forbids crowds from gathering in the north. Its spies spread fear—a policeman on polling day admitted that even he was scared of them. Many Tamils say just talking to a foreigner provokes interrogation. Plain-clothes figures sporting military haircuts frequently skulked near this correspondent, interrupting meetings. Read More...
Ban Ki-Moon Systemic Failure Of The UN In Last Days Of Sri Lanka War Says UN Chief
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - September 26, 2013

SL rejects Navi Pillay's March 2014 deadline
26 September 2013
Sri Lanka’ s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ravintha Aryasinaha, rejected the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay’s March 2014 deadline for Sri Lanka to address concerns regarding the investigation of rights violations.
Navi Pillai International community's duty to set up investigation mechanism in SL:
 UNHRC - Navi Pillay -  25 September 2013

A Process Free Of Violence And Intimidation In The Northern Province Is Required For Greater Civilian Administration’ – US

NPC Elections - Sri Lanka    (Election Riggings)
Sept 2013
Elections are being held for NPC as part of UNHRC's LLRC related pressure. The extreme violence by ruling Rajapakse gangs extends to killing TNA activist, as vengence agaist UNHRC.

TNA activist killed in Mullaiththeevu

Genocidal Sri Lanka rejects criticism by Germany, US and Ireland

...government officials and other commentators continue what appears to be a coordinated campaign of disinformation <about UNHRC> in an attempt to discredit the High Commissioner or to distract from the core messages of her visit” says Rupert Colville...

Tamils demonstrate in front of UNHRC, Geneva: Demands Freedom, Demanda war crimes and genocide charges against Sri lanka.
March 2014
March2014-Tamils infront of UNHRC

Sept 2013
Tamils demonstrate in Geneva - UNHRC
Senthilkumaran imolates in front of UNHRC, Geneva Tamil immolated himself in front of the UN office at Geneva
... Senthilkumaran called for a mass people's struggle to achieve an independent Tamil Eelam.
10 September 2013
Tribute to Senthilkumaran in UNHRC
Tamils demonstrate in front of UNHRC, Geneva: Demands Freedom, Demanda war crimes and genocide charges against Sri lanka.
March 2013

Tamils in UNHRC Geneva 2013
9/9/2013 UNHRC Session: Report on the comprehensive visitto Sri Lanka
By Navi Pillai,

9/9/2013 UNHRC Session: US Calls Sri Lanka to accept UN technical assistance
9/9/2013 UNHRC Session: Lithuania calls for Independent International Investigation in Sri lanka

9/9/2013 UNHRC Session: Germany and Austria shocked at government intimidation of those met Navi Pillai during her visit to Sri lanka.

Still no human rights accountability in Sri Lanka: still no end to serious human rights violations - Amnesty

29th August 2013

Need for implementing MR-Moon post-war agreement stressed
August 30, 2013

Navi Pillay is told that several people who spoke to her during her visit to the North have been threatened August 30, 2013

Sri Lanka snubs UN as it bids for more trade links with the UK
02 September 2013
UN to probe Sri Lanka 'war crimes'
Aug 25, 2013

Opening remarks by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay at a press conference during her mission to Sri Lanka
posted on: 31-08-2013
Navi pillai reports from Sri Lanka

Pillay says Sri Lanka turning authoritarian - Aljazeera
Watch Video
UN human rights chief Navi Pillay says that four years after end of civil war people are still suffering.

Read the report by Daily Mirror Read the opening remarks.       

Abstracts from the opening remarks
... I will be providing an oral update to the Human Rights Council in Geneva in late September, and a full written report in March next year, I will today confine myself to a few key issues that crystallized during the course of the mission...
... I have repeated my previous offer of OHCHR’s assistance in these areas...
... – if not quickly rectified – may sow the seeds of future discord. These are by and large to do with the curtailment or denial of personal freedoms and human rights, or linked to persistent impunity and the failure of rule of law...
...LLRC report as an important step in that direction, even though it side-stepped the much-needed full, transparent, impartial investigation into the conduct of a conflict that saw numerous war crimes and other violations committed by both sides. The Human Rights Council has expressed a strong interest in seeing progress in the implementation of the most important LLRC recommendations, and proper investigation of the many outstanding allegations and concerns...
... I was concerned to hear about the degree to which the military appears to be putting down roots and becoming involved in what should be civilian activities, ...
... I was very concerned to hear about the vulnerability of women and girls, especially in female-headed households, to sexual harassment and abuse ...
... I met many relatives of missing or disappeared ...
... I asked the Government for more information about the new Commission of Inquiry on Disappearances, and stressed the need for it to be more effective than the five previous commissions of this kind. I was disappointed to learn that it will only cover disappearances in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, which means that the many “white van” disappearances reported in Colombo and other parts of the country in recent years will not fall within its scope...
... The Human Rights Council will also be looking to see something credible in terms of investigation of what happened at the end of the war and many other past cases...
... Too many other investigation files remain pending, ...
I have also reminded the Government that Sri Lanka desperately needs strong witness and victim protection legislation, which has been languishing in draft form since 2007.
... including attacks on churches and mosques, ... ... for a visit by the Independent Expert on Minorities, ...
... I would now like to turn to a disturbing aspect of the visit, namely the harassment and intimidation of a number of human rights defenders, at least two priests, journalists, and many ordinary citizens who met with me, or planned to meet with me. I have received reports that people in villages and settlements in the Mullaitivu area were visited by police or military officers both before and after I arrived there.  In Trincomalee, several people I met were subsequently questioned about the content of our conversation...

This type of surveillance and harassment appears to be getting worse in Sri Lanka, which is a country where critical voices are quite often attacked or even permanently silenced. Utterly unacceptable at any time, it is particularly extraordinary for such treatment to be meted out during a visit by a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. I wish to stress that the United Nations takes the issue of reprisals against people because they have talked to UN officials as an extremely serious matter, and I will be reporting those that take place in connection with this visit to the Human Rights Council....
.. The 18th amendment,... ...weakened these important checks and balances...
I am deeply concerned that Sri Lanka, despite the opportunity provided by the end of the war to construct a new vibrant, all-embracing state, is showing signs of heading in an increasingly authoritarian direction.

Navi Pillai in Sri Lanka - 25 Aug 2013
The UN's human rights commissioner Navi Pillai has arrived in Sri Lanka on a fact-finding mission after the government said she could visit former conflict zones.
Navi Pillai

Navi Pillai in Srilanka:

Demonstrators call on Navi Pillay to investigate disappearencesterview
SL forces chase out Tamils waiting to see Navi Pillay in Vanni

Navi Pillay meeting Tamils in Jaffna ended in eyewash, say Tamil activists

Navi Pillay taken through backdoor to avoid public in Jaffna

Ban Ki-moon Withholds Sri Lanka Report, UN Spox Bans Qs, FUNCA Erased
1 Aug 2013
US Ambassador to United Nations Samantha Power has decided to include issues on Sri Lanka human rights violations in her agenda, reports say. Read

Various Reports on Sri Lanka

Tell the truth, Amnesty Sri Lanka ஃ Tell the truth campaign  - 2013

GL Peries Govt. won’t comply with UNHRC resolution: GL
Tuesday, 09 April 2013 22:11
The Government yesterday reaffirmed in Parliament that it did not concur with the US-sponsored resolution
TNA Sri Lanka Tamil party disputes government's claims on implementing LLRC recommendations. - Tue, Mar 26, 2013

TNA We are prepared for talks with the government  that is facilitated by international mediation: TNA leader R Sampanthan MP 24 March 2013. (Read in Tamil)

We are prepared for talks with the government  that is facilitated by international mediation: TNA leader R Sampanthan MP (Read in Tamil)

Sri Lanka: No Progress 4 Years On - HUMAN RIGHTS WATH
Since War’s End an Erosion of Rights, Absence of Accountability
May 20, 2013
Following the UNHRC 22nd session of March 2013, TNA MP Sumanthiran speaks in Sri Lanka parliament explaining the situation of Tamils.
21 March 2013  (Read the Text of this speech in parliament, "
Is This How Our Motherland Should Treat Us?" or watch this video.)
Tamils Demonstrate in front of UNHRC-Geneva:
March 2013
Tamils in UNHRC Geneva 2013
United States will consider an international effort ....
25 Mar 2013
US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Blake states that the US sponsored resolution on Sri Lanka submitted to the UN Human Rights Council was not a watered down document...  ... Meanwhile US State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland states that the United States will consider an international effort rather than a Sri Lankan-led effort if Sri Lanka is not forthcoming to implement the actions decreed by the resolution put forth by the US in Geneva... O blake

Geneva vote: GTF appreciates US role, not entirely satisfied with resolution
O blake Obama & kerry America America2 Professor Francis A. Boyle


Mavai Senathirajah MP
M Sumanthiran MP
Suren Surendran GTF

in Botswana
March 2013
Mr. Sunanda Thesappiriya, Journalist, Sri Lankan Brief
Thesappiriya is a Sinhala journalist commenting on this Tamil issue.
Comments made while in Geneva, March 2013.

Mr. Sathiyanadarajan Sivaraam, Journalist, New Delhi, Commenting from Geneva - March 2013
Kerry & obama UN Human Rights Council Vote on Sri Lanka Reconciliation

Press Statement
John Kerry
Secretary of State
Washington, DC
March 21, 2013

TodayТs vote in the UN Human Rights Council encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to continue on the path toward lasting peace and prosperity following decades of civil war and instability. This resolution, which builds on a similar 2012 resolution, reaffirmed that Sri Lanka must take meaningful action on reconciliation and accountability in order to move forward. The United States, together with international partners, calls upon the Government of Sri Lanka to fulfill its public commitments to its own people on these longstanding issues.
While some important progress has been made, there is much work still to be done. We look to the Government of Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and to reverse recent negative developments on rule of law and human rights. The United States stands ready to assist with this vital work. I look forward to continuing our engagement with the Government of Sri Lanka and strengthening our friendship with the Sri Lankan people.
Lee Scott

UK Parliament

Thursday March 21, 2013

-          Lee Scott MP secured an adjournment debate in the British House of Commons on СJustice for Tamil PeopleТ last night. The debate can be watched here:

and read here:

Other matters from Parliament on the day are provided in the relevant section below.

Gavin barwellSHAlaistair Burt

Wayne Marston

John Baird

Paul Dewar
Canada Parliament
Thursday March 21, 2013, Question Period, Ottawa:
Mr. Wayne Marston (Hamilton East—Stoney Creek, NDP): Mr. Speaker, international pressure continues to grow for an independent investigation into the very serious allegation of war crimes that were committed in the final days of the Sri Lankan civil war.
New Democrats have long called for just such an investigation and, yesterday, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution that, once again, underscores the need for accountability.
Today, Conservative senator Hugh Segal is in Sri Lanka.
So, to the minister, will the senator be pushing the Sri Lankan government for an immediate independent inquiry into those reprehensible actions during that civil war?
Hon. John Baird (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC): Mr. Speaker, no other government in the world has worked harder, has pushed harder to ensure that there is accountability, meaningful reconciliation and a return to human rights in Sri Lanka. No other leader in the world has been more outspoken, more morally clear on this issue than the Prime Minister of Canada. All Canadians can be tremendously proud of that.
We will continue to work for the commonwealth, through the United Nations, to ensure that there is real accountability meaningful reconciliation and a return to decent human rights in that country.
Mr. Paul Dewar (Ottawa Centre, NDP): Mr. Speaker, it is essential that Sri Lanka not be rewarded for its inaction. Unless Sri Lanka complies with the United Nations' calls for an independent investigation, Canada must not participate in the upcoming commonwealth meetings-- period. No Canadian participation at all.
I have a very simple question for the minister. Would the minister make that clear commitment to Canadians here and now?
Hon. John Baird (Minister of Foreign Affairs, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has been tremendously clear. We want to see meaningful progress with respect to reconciliation; we want to see meaningful progress with respect to accountability; and we want to see meaningful progress with respect to human rights abuses which have occurred since the war concluded.
Canada has spoken out loudly at every international forum. Often, we are the only ones with the courage to do so. I can certainly commit that this government, this Prime Minister, will continue to do the right thing on this important issue.
Jim Karygiannis UNHCR adopts Resolution on Sri Lanka - Statement by the Honorable Jim Karygiannis, Member of Parliament, Scarborough-Agincourt and Liberal Critic for Multiculturalism
Sri Lanka in UNHRC Dock: 21 March 2013 session 22
US resolution on Sri Lanka - UNHRC 22nd session Voting results

Votes in Favour: 26 (Amended from 25)
Votes Against: 13
Votes abstain: 8
21 March 2013: UNHRC 22nd Session: Some news recorded
Some documents from today's vote at UN Human Rights Council attached - 21 March 2013 Options
Statement by Sri lanka
US introductory Statement
Voting results (Amended as Gabon voted late, total infavour 26 not 25)
PSI/Oral amendments
CTC Press Release on Resolution 22/L1;
“Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka.” 21 March 2013 Options
Rights Groups Decry UN Resolution on Sri Lanka (21 March 2013) Options

India's speech in the UNHRC 22nd session, 21 Mar 2013

TN Students

US Resolution in its 4th Draft state:
18 March 2013
India is going to support the call for international investigations ...
20 Mar 2013 ; Read in Tamil

Re:From: DMK, a senior ruling constituent party of India's ruling alliance. Karunanidhi
The corrections and actions that the Government of India should carry out with respect to the resolution put forward by America at the UNHRC 22nd Session against Sri Lanka. Submission by: DMK President - Kalainjar M Karunanidhi  - 15 March 2013 -

While various suggestions are propagated about the US resolution in the 22nd session of HNHRC against Sri Lanka, the DMK as a ruling party alliance put forwards the following for the Government of India to act upon;

Make amendments and corrections to the US proposal as follows;

Concerning the recent genocide that took place in Sri Lanka;
  • Identify the perpetrators of that Genocide in Seri Lanka
  • Those identified be subjected to international investigations and charged within a short time frame
The Government of India should act to include these to the US resolution without any misinterpretations.
Read original, Read in English, Read in Hindi,, Read in Swahili, Read in French, Read in Russian, Read in Spanish

Re; FromJJ
Press Release No. 191 Date:18.03.2013
Text of the D.O. Letter dated 18.3.2013 addressed to
Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India by Selvi J Jayalalithaa, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is reproduced below:
Hon Prime Minister,

“As you are aware, Tamils in Tamil Nadu and the Tamil diaspora spread across the world are legitimately outraged and incensed over the impunity with which the Sri Lankan Government is ignoring international sentiments and binding resolutions relating to reconciliation and accountability for the war crimes and genocide committed in the closing stages of the civil war in Sri Lanka and the ongoing gross human rights abuses. To assuage the legitimate sense of outrage and deeply hurt sentiments it is absolutely important that India takes a strong stand in support of the US sponsored Resolution in the 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council and more importantly moves necessary independent amendments to further strengthen the Resolution.

You would recall that I had presented a Memorandum to you on 14.6.2011 and written to you on 25.6.2011 bringing to your notice the Resolution of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly dated 8.6.2011 which had called upon the Government of India to take up the issue of war crimes committed against Sri Lankan Tamils and also called for an economic embargo on Sri Lanka till the Tamils are fully resettled and are allowed to live with dignity and with equal constitutional rights as their Sinhala counterparts.

Subsequently, I had written to you on 29th February, 2012, and 6th March, 2012, to urge that India take a strong stance in support of the Resolution on Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka in the 19th Session of the UN Human Rights Council. Based on the strength of the public sentiments in Tamil Nadu, conveyed through the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly’s Resolution and through my communications, the Government of India supported Resolution 19/2 in the 19th HRC. Resolution 19/2 which called upon the Sri Lankan Government to implement the constructive recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission’s (LLRC) report was relatively mild since the LLRC report itself has been viewed as a flawed report not covering many of the points contained in the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts Report. It is pertinent to point out that the Report itself was toned down at the instance of the Government of India which itself is a betrayal of the Tamils.

Mr. Prime Minister, a full year has passed since that Resolution and the events and developments of the past year in Sri Lanka, as evidenced by the report of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, are a continued and sorry saga of human rights violations against the Tamils in that country. The report of OHCHR indicates that Sri Lanka is yet to act on many of the recommendations contained in the LLRC’s report and it has not given access to the special procedures mandate holders. The report also notes that much needs to be done in the area of justice, reconciliation and resumption of livelihoods and notes the continuance of serious human rights violations against the Tamils. They continue to suffer as second class citizens. They are still often expelled from their homes and subjected to harassment, discrimination and torture. There is no indication that the Sri Lankan Government’s obduracy in resisting a fair investigation into the genocide and war crimes has ended. There is no evidence to show that there is either a conscious policy on demilitarization or withdrawal from Tamil civilian lands. There is no credible policy of rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Tamil livelihoods. Clearly the present government in Sri Lanka is not keen on genuine reconciliation or even to allow the Sri Lankan Tamils to be rehabilitated, let alone start life as equal citizens in that country, which is reflected in the lack of adequate action even on a relatively mild UNHRC Resolution.

At this juncture, the ongoing 22nd session of the Human Rights Council is the most appropriate forum and occasion to mount further pressure on Sri Lanka to ensure that accountability is established under an international framework for the war crimes and genocide committed in the closing stages of the civil war and the ongoing gross human rights abuses. This is all the more important in the light of the mounting fresh independent evidence of atrocities committed by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. It is also an opportunity to secure for Sri Lankan Tamils equal constitutional rights and a life of dignity. It is very important that Sri Lanka is held to account on this occasion and India plays a crucial role in this regard, given not only the deep and widespread sentiment prevailing amongst all sections of Society and shades of political opinion in Tamil Nadu, but also the need to establish India as a global leader standing up for democracy and human rights.

I am dismayed that the statements made by you and the External Affairs Minister in the past few days appear equivocal and prevaricating. They do not give a clear indication of India’s stance, particularly with reference to the genocide which has taken place in Sri Lanka resulting in enormous loss of innocent, civilian lives and gross violation of human rights. It was disappointing that India had maintained a deafening silence when the US sponsored draft was taken up for discussion in the on-going UNHRC session. India must take a strong, historic and courageous stance in this matter and not just support the U.S. sponsored Draft Resolution on Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka, but strengthen it further through suitable amendments that would make the Resolution unambiguous in intent and effective in implementation:

• In the preambular para 5 (PP5) seek a mention of the UN Secretary General’s Panel of Experts report in addition to the LLRC report.

• In PP9 strengthen the language from expression of “concern” to “serious concern and dismay” at the reports of the continuing violations of human rights.

• In PP10 strengthen the language to “condemnation” of the failure of the Sri Lankan Government to fulfill its public commitments including on devolution of political authority.

• In operative para 1, there should be an unequivocal call for a credible, independent, international mechanism to prosecute genocide, war crimes and war criminals and the accused should stand trial before an International Court. This process should be completed within a period of six months and the outcome reported for a special discussion in the 25th session of UNHRC in 2014.

• In operative para 2 there should be an insistence that the OHCHR report be implemented in its totality.

• In operative para 3 there should be a strong call to the Government of Sri Lanka to accept the establishment of an impartial, international institution to initiate credible and independent actions to ensure justice, equity, accountability, including investigation of violations of international law and reconciliation of all Sri Lankans, including Tamils. This should include Sri Lanka providing a pragmatic political package to the Sri Lankan Tamils and restoring their equal rights of citizenship on par with the Sinhalese Community.

I request you to kindly immediately instruct Indian diplomats to strongly push for these independent amendments to strengthen the US backed Resolution in the 22nd Session of the UNHRC since the final draft is to be placed for consideration of the Council on 19th March, 2013. Further, India should also mobilize the support of other member nations, particularly those who are opposed to the resolution and are lobbying to water down or nullify the impact.

Mr. Prime Minister, I hope that at this historic moment, the Government of India will decisively step forward as a champion of human rights and democracy and take a bold stand in support of the much discriminated against and long suffering Tamil minority in Sri Lanka and thereby demonstrate its empathy and solidarity with the millions of Tamils both in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere and assuage the legitimate sense of outrage amongst them.”
Issued by: Director, Information – Public Relations, Chennai.9
Dated : 18.3.2013

Read original, Read in English, Read in Hindi, Read in Swahili, Read in French, Read in Russian, Read in Spanish

Lies of Sri Lanka at UNHRC 22nd session. watch video; Mahinda Samarasingha lies
Consideration of Peru UPR Report 38th Meeting 22nd Regular Session Human Rights Council
15 Mar 2013 - UPR report of Peru A/HRC/22/15,A/HRC/22/15/Add.1.    ...Read More
Consideration of Sri Lanka UPR Report 38th Meeting 22nd Regular Session Human Rights Council
15 Mar 2013 - UPR report of Sri Lanka A/HRC/22/16,A/HRC/22/16/Add.1.    ...Read More


The 12 march latest draft resolution discussed at UNHRC 22nd session (Note: still being discussed. Genocide abettors China, Russia, Cuba are still vehemently working to save the genocidalSinhala government.)  

see the lates draft resolution submited by US

In order to investigate the crimes of genocidal Sri Lanka, there should be an alternative resolution at the UNHRC, if the American resolution is deemed not satisfactory to investigate the crimes of Sri Lanka. (America is only against the genocidal-criminality of Sri Lanka and not against the Sinhala people, even though vast majority of the Sinhalese are also genocidal in nature). What is that alternative resolution? Which country will propose it? America is the Saviour of criminally oppressed Tamils of Eelam by Sri Lanka criminally-genocidal government.

America might tighten the resolution if India is willing to go along with that. They said that openly in a recent communique in Geneva. However, it is India that needs to adjust its stance before. What is the advice we receive from BTF on this matter, who is on the ground working with India?

UNHRC resolution A threat or an opportunity
-By M.A. Sumanthiran MP-
Sumanthiran MP
... The [Sri Lanka] Minister certainly did not mince his words. His audience was left in no doubt that the Sri Lankan Government was determined to adhere to its position that efforts of the Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights were unfair, unjustified and part of a larger agenda to ‘target’ the country. The minister’s subsequent failure to attend a meeting called by Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay in Geneva further underlined this message. ...

Government of Sri Lanka Doesn’t Want ICRC And UN Involved In Identification Of Those Killed In The War
– Gota To US -

Sri Lankan voices heard at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva

Human rights and civil society groups have been making their voices heard in Geneva, ahead of the US-sponsored motion. [Presenter: Sen Lam; ABC Radio Australia :- 12 March 2013]

EU concerned over Sri Lanka's human rights and accountability
... The EU representative says that issues of human rights and accountability must be addressed and EU has publicly commented on the issue... 12-Mar-2013


Appeal from the Tamil Civil Society to the International Community regarding the upcoming resolution in the UNHRC on Sri Lanka
... We firmly believe that giving more time to the Government of Sri Lanka will lead to irrevocable damage being inflicted on the Tamils...Read More
US Resolution “Welcomes”
Calls for Independent International Investigation

Sri Lanka to arrest those attended HNHRC 22nd session, calling the traitors.
Tamils Demonstrate in front of UNHRC-Geneva: March 2013
Tamils in UNHRC Geneva 2013

Ref222 Read222
Sri Lanka Government Encorages Separation.
Northern people are bared from taking part in demonstrations in capital Colombo organized by southerners.
March 2013  <Read in Tamil>

No protests should be tolerated in Sri Lanka during these times
(ie, during the sitting of UNHRC in Geneva - March 2013)
Orders Sri lanka defense secretary Gotabaya Rajabakse. [Read more in Tamil]

Photo display of Sri Lanka Genocide in Swiss:
World delegates are viewing

March 2012. Ref10 view10

V Maithreyan (ADMK) speaks in Indian Parliament:
Discusses Lankan war crimes, genocide etc... YouTube

Calling all to demand that the UPF government act against the enemy country Sri Lanka.

Dr Raja speaks in Indian Parliament:
Feb 2013  Ref9 View9
Government of India knew of the ongoing structural genocide that is/was going on in Sri Lanka. Charges government of Sri Lanka with genocide of Tamils, war crimes against Tamils, sexual violence again Tamil women [and men], abductions, disappearances, killings, etc... Watch the YouTube. India should investigate genocide, demand international investigation, etc... Ask.
India, D.Raja MP

Ref8 view8
International Crisis Group outlines the Tamil-Sinhala issues in Sri Lanka.
Nov 2012: Analysis of the issues and recommendations for all parties involved in this conflict are detailed in this ICG report. 

International Crisis Group outlines the Constitutional-Undemocratic  Crisis in Sri Lanka
Analysis of the crisis within  Judiciary, Parliament and Democracy in Sri Lanka.

Ref7  View7
Sri Lanka has failed to fulfill pledges given to the UN - Tamil party

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) Leader and Member of parliament R Sampanthan Explains.

Jan 21, Colombo: Sri Lanka's major Tamil political party, the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says the government has failed to honor the pledges given to the United Nations on post war reconciliation. Read More
R Sampanthan MP

UN & Sri Lanka:
Weak (UNHRC 2012) UN resolution caused Colombo to sustain lack of political will: Christian clergy
19 Feb 2013
“What we have seen since the rather weak resolution adopted at the 19th session of the Council is a total lack of political will on the part of the government to implement recommendations therein, such as the call for investigations into allegations of international law during the final stages of the conflict and cooperation with the UN Special Procedures,” said 133 priests of various Christian denominations in the North and East in an appeal to UN Human Rights Council on Monday. They urged the Council not to interpret the problem as ‘lack of capacity’ by the SL State. Despite the deviatory tone in using the terms such as ‘internal self-determination’ and the orchestrated deception of the so-called ‘stronger resolution’, the priests from the gagged country of Eezham Tamils didn't fail in establishing what was taking place on the ground as protracted genocide against the Tamil people. Read More>>

Sri Lanka: Rape of Tamil Detainees
February 26, 2013

Politically Motivated Sexual Assaults in Custody Continue Since Conflict

The Sri Lankan security forces have committed untold numbers of rapes of Tamil men and women in custody. These are not just wartime atrocities but continue to the present, putting every Tamil man and woman arrested for suspected LTTE involvement at serious risk.

UN & Sri Lanka:
Weak (UNHRC 2012) UN resolution caused Colombo to sustain lack of political will: Christian clergy
19 Feb 2013
“What we have seen since the rather weak resolution adopted at the 19th session of the Council is a total lack of political will on the part of the government to implement recommendations therein, such as the call for investigations into allegations of international law during the final stages of the conflict and cooperation with the UN Special Procedures,” said 133 priests of various Christian denominations in the North and East in an appeal to UN Human Rights Council on Monday. They urged the Council not to interpret the problem as ‘lack of capacity’ by the SL State. Despite the deviatory tone in using the terms such as ‘internal self-determination’ and the orchestrated deception of the so-called ‘stronger resolution’, the priests from the gagged country of Eezham Tamils didn't fail in establishing what was taking place on the ground as protracted genocide against the Tamil people. Read More>>

James Moore US introduces UN resolution on Sri Lankan rights abuses

The United States has announced it will introduce a fresh resolution to the UN Human Rights Council, in a bid to force Sri Lanka to keep its promise to investigate the military for alleged war crimes and atrocities.

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, James Moore, says Washington will sponsor a procedural resolution at the March sessions of the Rights Council ...US introduces UN resolution on Sri Lankan rights abuses
The United States has announced it will introduce a fresh resolution to the UN Human Rights Council, in a bid to force Sri Lanka to keep its promise to investigate the military for alleged war crimes and atrocities.

Joint Swiss and South Africa efforts for Sri Lanka political solution
Swiss push reconciliation plan for Sri Lanka
Feb 14, 2013
... Switzerland is backing a South African post-Apartheid reconciliation initiative to bring parties to the negotiating table, but the prospect for lasting peace remains elusive.
Since 2011 South Africa and civil society groups have been leading a multi-pronged peace initiative aimed at restarting Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and Sri Lankan government negotiations and supporting potential reconciliation efforts following the end of 30 years of war.
Sri Lankan and South African officials visited each other on several occasions last year and a TNA delegation flew to Africa for further contacts earlier this month...

Swiss, South Africa reconciliation attempt in Sri Lanka ‘ill-conceived’, says ICG
16 Feb 2013
Switzerland's backing of a South African post-Apartheid reconciliation initiative to bring adversarial parties in Sri Lanka to the negotiating table, is ill-conceived and has little chance of yielding any positive results, Alan Keenan, an ICG [International Crisis Group] Sri Lanka expert commented.

TNA MP R Sampanthan

TNA leader R Sampanthan explaining South Africa visit.
(Interview with Asia tribune, a mouth piece of the government).
Feb 2013

... South African Government, as well as leaders from ANC ....
... It appears that the Sri Lanka Government delegation also has benefited ...
...  I think they (SA) have lot of experience and knowledge and expect that they will behave with the sense of responsibility and they will be truthful to whatever they do...
... we have to wait and see how sincere the Sri Lankan Government is ...

... We are not asking or seeking for a third party mediation ....

Asian Tribune: ... US is coming up with another resolution against the Sri Lanka Government? Your position?

Mr. R.Sampanthan:The Government is bringing this upon itself ...

TNA MP R Sampanthan US team meets TNA: Sampanthan tells TamilNet
[26 January 2013]


हिंदी (Hindi)
中国 (சைனா)
Việt Nam

Sri Lanka cheat Sheet
Calling UNHRC Members

அ-தமிழ்.org அறிவித்தல் இந்த இணையத்ளத்தினை சிறப்பாக்க எமது விளம்பரதாரர்களை ஆதரியுங்கள்.

An appeal to the people of cuba
[Read in spanish]
Truth and Reconciliation: Comparing still genocidal and mass rape advocates Sri Lanka.
Is it an insult to South Africa and Mandela
{Read in Swahili and English]
Come On Gotabaya, HRC Geneva Welcomes You!
January 1, 2014
Commonwealth 2013
Sri Lanka war: UN council backs rights abuses inquiry
27 March 2014
The top United Nations rights body has approved an international war crimes inquiry into alleged crimes
March 2014
TNA ‘unequivocally supports’ UN rights chief’s call for international inquiry into Sri Lanka atrocities:  25 February 2014
TNA Charges Sri lanka with Genocide2014
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Tamils Demonstrate outside UNHRC, Geneva - March 2014
March2014-Tamils infront of UNHRC

Tamils Demonstrate in Geneva-UNHRC Against Sri Lanka Genocide: March 2013
Tamil demonstrate in Geneve 2013
No Fire Zone 03-11-13 - Full Movie
TNA in Geneva
TNA Press Release from Geneva - March 2014

UN has a second chance

Visa denied for IBAHRI delegation
07 November 2013
Entry to Sri Lanka has been denied to participants of an International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) high-level delegation which includes the United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers Gabriela Knaul, and the first UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers ParamCumaraswamy, IBAHRI said

Support The Vanni Project  Please help to print/publish this book/informationby Former UN Staff Mr. Benjamin Dix. Endorsed by Amnesty International, Jon Snow (Channel 4), Frances Harrison and Callum Macrae (Channel 4/ No For Zone) and many others. Please contribute to this project.

Avaaz Petition: Stop Genocide in Sri Lanka! Somebody do Something!!! Sign the petition.
5 May 2013

15 Mar 2013

A Letter to UNHRC from a Sinhalese

Delegates At London Conference Call For War Crimes Probe
London parliament - GTF tamil Conference
International Conventions and illegality of the genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 1
Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 2
Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 3

Geoffrey Robertson QC Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 1 ↓ Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 2 ↓ Geoffrey Robertson QC - Part 3 ↓

Opening Statement Delivered by Deputy Assistant Secretary James Abstracts: ... Key to all of this will be transparent governance as well as following through with a process of accountability for events at the end of the war including civilian casualties and credible allegations of human rights violations... ... We welcome the government’s intent to hold Northern Provincial Council elections in September and we encourage a resumption of talks between the TNA and the government...
Moore at Tri-DAS Press Event

Links to information on Sri lanka Genocide
Genocide Category: Global Peace Support Group
1, 2, Links to information on Sri lanka Genocide
Genocide Category: Global Peace Support Group

Ask UN human rights expert your questions about preventing genocide - See more at:
R2P Monitor 2013

Book Review:
The Tamil Genocide by Sri Lanka
Professor Francis A. Boyle
Professor Francis A. Boyle

Sri Lanka’s Genocide: Major Cover-Up Must Be Exposed.
Genocide in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka's northern provincial council declares it's amount to genocide.

Sri Lanka’s hidden genocide
By: Rosie DiManno Columnist, Published on Mon Nov 04 2013 Prof Francis Boyl Tlaks about Sri Lanka Genocide (Video) - 2013

Sri Lanka Used Chemical Weapons On Tamils
Viw the photoes, only if you are strong willed
Genocide of Tamils by Sri Lanka Government, by Sinhala People, by Sri Lanka Military

What is a genocide?

According to the UN, “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.” (OHCHR)

Is sovereignty of a nation prevents the UN from taking action to stop future genocide, consider intended future genocide or investigate past genocide?

The most repeated keywords used by genocidal Sri Lanka government –
sovereignty and geopolitics – summarize the ruthlessness of the argument. Human lives and brutal memories don’t matter in a world of perceived geopolitical gains. Killing of 100,000 (suspected 200,000, UN latest findings indicate 70,000) civilians within a matter of 2 or 3 days is treated as a sovereignity issue by Sri Lanka.
Killing/genocide of Tamil people, by Sinhala people, by Sinhala Sri Lankan government, by Sinhala Sri Lankan military is being explained as internal matter for Sri Lanka and UN is accused of interfering in its internal matter.
Overwhelming evidence for genocide, war crimes, rapes, abductions, killings by Sri Lanka government are being ignored on the basis of a sovereign nation’s internal issue.

Read More-1

Genocidal Sri Lanka and the quest for a political solution.

Refer to consideration of intended genocide of Tamil people by Sinhala people as the utmost point of interest for a political solution.

G1, Wiki,
Compelling need to correct UN's mortal sins against Tamils, says Boyle
 - Prof Francis Boyle -
Professor Francis A. Boyle
TamilNet, Monday, 20 January 2014
Genocide Discussion held at the United Nations on the 15th January, where the Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson discussed strategies ....


War Crimes

I Am Manjula, Survivor Of A Massacre.

UNHRC:  Srilanka: War Crimes Investigation Essential - 2013 (YouTube)

Pulidevan, right, and Nadesan, who were allegedly executed
Pulithevan and Nadesan

White Flag Killings: Sri lanka War Crimes

Witnesses support claim that Sri Lanka army shot prisoners

Two eyewitnesses have come forward for the first time to support allegations that the Sri Lankan army executed two Tamil Tiger rebel leaders after they surrendered, carrying a white flag, at the close of the island’s civil war in 2009.

Their accounts cast fresh doubt on the Sri Lankan government’s claim that the rebels were killed by their own supporters and add to a growing body of evidence of war crimes allegedly committed by the Sri Lankan military during the conflict.

Killing Prisoners Of War In Sri Lanka : War Crimes in sri lanka
Warning Disturbing Images: Typical war crimes, torturing and killing of prisoners of war.
(Colonel Ramesh's plight in the han od Sri lanka military is provided in this video.) Warning Disturbing Images in this video: (Interrogation and killing of  prisoner of war

Army demands information about witnesses at president’s commission
Tamil Guardian 21 February 2014

Mass Rapes (Inf)

Aljazeera - 2013 Reports on current rape, torture and other atrocities. Mass Rapes by Sri Lanka Military & Para-Military
Cultural Genocide
by Sri Lanka Military & Para-Military

Constituent ruling party of India, DMK:
D.M.K. President Thalaivar Kalaignar on UNHRC: Q & A _ 29.1.2013 (Re)
DMK + TESO urges New Delhi to move for referendum at Geneva
Karunanidhi & Stalin TESO Gandhi
India must impose sanctions on Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu governor says
THE TIMES OF INDIA - Feb 1, 2013
Jeyalalitha TN CM TN governer

Karen Parker at HRC -

America and Sri Lanka America for Justice or Business Aerican Justice
China Atrocities

It is said that after assurances of a political solution for Tamils from genocidal Sri Lankan government the American administration, the western governments, the Indian government and few other governments assisted the genocidal Sri Lanka government to defeat the  armed Tamil liberation struggle in 2009. In the meantime China, and Pakistan were fully behind Sri Lanka and they were masterminding the  victory of genocidal Sri Lanka, The actions of China and Pakistan involved in the preparations of Sri Lanka for a genocidal attack by government goes back decades.

During the final stages of war, the Sri Lankan government lead by Rajapakse brothers embarked in mass scale genocide of Tamils (Tamil civilians). Before the genocide the west together with China and India were supporting the destruction of Tamil liberation struggle. Immediately during the genocide, America, Britain France/EU and few other countries ordered Sri Lanka to stop the war and stop the genocide. The Sri Lanka government refused to accept the international communities demand and in retaliation threw out the last remaining UN monitors from Sri Lanka. In the meantime India, fearful of China's retaliation reluctantly called for end of massacres. In the mean time China and Pakistan were stepping up the shipment of mass destruction weapons to Sri Lanka for use in the continued genocide. Years after the end of genocidal war, Sri Lanka still continues its genocidal activities in other forms such as rape, birth control, enforced colonizations of Tamil areas by genocidal Sinhalese people, cultural genocide, enforced disapearences. The Tamil people live in fear of Sinhala Sri Lanka's army and its notorious intelligent operatives. The defense secretary in a TV interview expressed that he will be surprised if his Sinhalese army did not rape Tamil women. Such is the official nature of Sri Lankan regime.

During the final stages, while genocide (estimated 100,000 in two days) of Tamils were  going on especially where the Sri Lankan army hurdled the civilians in the so called no fire zone and massacred them using the continued shipment of mass destruction weapons from China and Pakistan,

Sri Lanka pretended to America and western governments that a surrender brokered by America would be respected. In contrary the Sri Lanka government, especially Rajapakse brothers, lead by Gotabaya Rajapakse ordered the killings of those surrendered with white flags, even though the surrender was negotiated by America and few other countries.

Up until the momentous genocide of Tamils, America was also behind the move to wipe out the armed Tamil defenses, not ready to understand the true genocidal nature of Sinhalese mindset. Shocked and hurt, the Americans and the west started a political offensive against genocidal Sri Lanka in the form of attempted actions in UN and limited actions in UNHRC and within Sri Lanka.

China and Russia spearheads the abetting genocide and state terror by Sri Lanka before, during and post 2009 genocide of Tamils. Not willing to loose the support of genocidal Sinhalese masses and not willing to drop its human rights credentials, America conducts a balanced act against Sri lanka in UNHRC, calling for war crimes and other investigations and demands political solution for Tamils. China and Russia continue to oppose the American move in favour of genocide and state terror. China and Russia use this opportunity to ride on the back of Tamil genocide for stepping ups the economic ties with genocidal Sri Lanka regime and shunts out American and the western governments from the opportunities and future defense equilibrium of the region. Sri Lankan regime is doing every thing they can to counter the western they demand justice for Tamils and at the same time wanting to be friends of genocidal Sinhalese masses..

While the west is doing little to support justice in UNHRC, they loose business opportunity with genocidal Sri Lanka.
While Chinese and Russians continue to abett genocide and refuse political solution for Tamils, the business opportunities for them with Sri Lanka is immense as can be witnessed.

- K Chevvez - Sept 2013 -

China and Sri Lanka China Abetting Genocide in Sri Lanka China Atrocities
America and Justice

Sri Lanka & UN

Sri Lanka in UNHRC

Is UN Complicit in Sri Lanka Genocide?

China calls for brushing aside continuing mass rape of Tamil women, genocide of Tamils, war crimes against Tamils, and all other genocidal activities and claiming these are internal matters of Sri lanka. China abetting war crimes and genocide.
Tamil Guardian 25 November 2013
"We believe that the Sri Lankan government and people have the wisdom and capacity to deal appropriately with their internal affairs," the Chinese statement said.

Genocide of Tamils by China and Sri lanka

Structural Genocide - Re1 Structural Genocide Planned Colonization of Tamil Homeland (Land Grab, Colonization, Structural Genocide)


‘Land grabs part of structural genocide’

Sinhalicisation, demographic wedging accelerated in Mullaiththeevu

[TamilNet, Saturday, 06 July 2013, 17:11 GMT]
Sinhalicisation of the Mullaith-theevu district of the Northern Province and demographically wedging it from the adjacent Trincomalee district of the Eastern Province in the country of Eezham Tamils, is structuralised in an accelerated way by the occupying genocidal Sri Lanka through recent activities in the newly created division called ‘Weli-oya.’ The name of the division itself is Sinhalicisation of its Tamil name Ma’nal-aa’ru. At the end of the war the Establishments of the USA, India, several other stooges and the UN were in complicity in sending the Eezham Tamils into barbed-wire camps. While their resettlement is stalled in many ways, every structural effort is now being made with full financial and material support to bring in Sinhalese into the land of Tamils.
Full story >>

Sinhala colony, military, Buddhist complex crop up at Jaffna city entrance

[TamilNet, Friday, 05 July 2013, 14:04 GMT]
Naavat-kuzhi is a place just 5km east of Jaffna city where the two highways A9 and A32, the only existing land arteries that lead into Jaffna from the south and the western coast meet. First the Sinhala military occupied the junction with camps at both the branching highways. Then a Sinhala colony cropped up in the last two years with permanent concrete houses complete with all facilities at the most potential stretch of land there. Now, foundation is laid for the construction of a Buddhist stupa at this place along the highway to gleefully greet everyone entering into Jaffna city through land. Officers of the genocidal Sinhala military occupying Jaffna attended the foundation-laying ceremony, conducted recently by the Naaka Vihaara Buddhist prelate in Jaffna.
Full story >>

Colombo steps up Sinhalicisation of Pulmoaddai to wedge North and East
25 Jul 2013

Gotabhaya open on demographic genocide

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 03 July 2013, 18:03 GMT]
Genocidal Sri Lanka’s presidential sibling Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on Tuesday openly admitted that the Sinhala State’s intention is not giving even provinces to Tamils, but to proceed with demographic genocide to erase out their territorial identity, when he said “alienation of provinces based on ethnicity” was not the solution. What Gotabhaya said was also the thrust of the LLRC report that was internationally legitimised as the basis for solutions in the island by the Washington-initiated and New Delhi-fine tuned resolutions at Geneva. It is increasingly transparent that the Sinhala State’s open boldness, in committing genocide in war and in continuing structural genocide in all its facets, actually stems from a collective agenda of the USA and India, said Tamils for alternative politics in the island.
Full story >>

Sinhalicisation of Chu’ndik-ku’lam to permanently choke Jaffna Peninsula

[TamilNet, Saturday, 22 June 2013, 08:55 GMT]
The Eezham Tamil fishermen’s efforts to reconstruct their war-torn lives face fresh threats from the occupying Sri Lanka’s rampant Sinhalicisation of the North. During the last two weeks, hundreds of Sinhala fishermen are being settled at Chu’ndikku’lam, a coastal village situated in Vadamaraadchi East of the Jaffna district. By employing banned methods of fishing, the invading Sinhala fishermen have been posing a grave threat not only to the resettlement of the uprooted Tamils in the village, but also to the livelihood of the Tamil fishermen of Vadamaraadchi East. However, the worst threat is Sinhala military and fishermen permanently choking the one and only natural entry point into the Jaffna Peninsula, as Chu’ndik-ku’lam is the sandbar that links the peninsula with the main island. 1000 houses are planned for colonizing Sinhala fishermen at this location, says TNA-MP Sritharan.
Full story >>

Colombo plans Sinhala military settlement in Valikaamam North

[TamilNet, Tuesday, 28 May 2013, 23:51 GMT]
Kaangkeasanthu'rai, PalaaliWhile the uprooted Eezham Tamils of Valikaamam North confront the occupying Sri Lankan State against the seizure of their lands in the former ‘High Security Zone’ (HSZ), the Sri Lankan military is moving fast with its secret plans of establishing permanent Sinhala military settlements to bring in families of the Sinhala soldiers into the former HSZ in Jaffna. Informed paramilitary sources in Jaffna told TamilNet Tuesday that a Sri Lankan commander has been assigned the task of converting the former HSZ into a Sinhala Military Zone (SMZ), consisting of Palaali military base. Already, more than 5,000 houses have been constructed in Mu'rika'ndi in Vanni and families of Sinhala soldiers are being provided housing there. There are at least 30,000 Sinhala soldiers stationed in the Jaffna peninsula.
Full story >>

BBC says SL military seizure of land in East not verified

[TamilNet, Wednesday, 29 May 2013, 07:03 GMT]
Charles Haviland of BBC, reporting from Colombo on last Friday, cited recent TamilNet reports on SL military seizure of lands of Tamils and Muslims in the Eastern Province, and said that the reports have not been verified. International media operating from Colombo long plays this game. They did it to facilitate the genocidal end of the war and now they do it to subtly shield the structural genocide and annihilation of the contiguous country of Eezham Tamils in the North and East. While the genocidal Sinhala military seizing land in an accelerated way in the North and East is almost a daily routine, the international media never say that this is a direct result of the policy followed by the US-led West, as such as the two LLRC-based resolutions at Geneva, commented an activist for alternative politics in the island.
Full story >>

International aid complicit in Colombo’s structural genocide of Eezham Tamils

[TamilNet, Saturday, 04 May 2013, 21:22 GMT]
0The occupying Sri Lankan State has stepped up Sinhala colonization in the cultivation areas that lie between Nedungkea’ni and Ma’nalaa’ru in Mullaiththeevu district. Thousands of acres of cultivation lands, belonging to resettled Tamil people in Karai-thu’raip-pattu division, lie in the area, where the occupying SL military has been blocking access to the owners of the land to even visit their lands. But at the same time in recent days, hundreds of workers have arrived from the Sinhala South and electricity supplies are being put up to accelerate the extension of Sinhala colonization of the area, Tamil civil officials in Mullaiththeevu told TamilNet. The international aid providers not stopping the process are openly in complicity with the structural genocide of Eezham Tamils, the officials further said.
Full story >>

Sinhala archaeology focuses operation in North-East corridor

Another link to North and East sieged by Sinhala Buddhists

Media Freedom Refusing press freedom and controlling media

To day the paramilitary-EDPD run Dan television totally ignored UNHRC session in Geneva where Sri Lanka was accused of genocide and other serious attrocities... Today Dan TV concentrated on War criminal Mahinda Rajapakse being entertaind by Newzeland while at UN.
26 September 2013,

Theft by SriLanka Sri Lanka Government:
Discriminations in Economic Development
Diverting and Thieving Humanitarian Aids
by Sri Lanka Government

EPDP Paramilitary-EPDP Corruption: Read in Tamil

State Terrorism and State Racism in Sri Lanka
Understanding State Racism
By Izeth Hussain - October 18, 2013
Renowned Racisy J R Jejawardana

Parliamentary Select Committee PSC Parliamentary Select Committee - Sri Lanka

Calling for articles on the subject of PSC


கட்டுரைகள் A Sri Lanka Government official comments on the failed PSC
''When the President put me on the delegation to negotiate with the TNA, in April 2011,
I found that no response had been made to suggestions they had made a couple of months previously.
I thought this was absurd, and urged a response. These are the notes I made. ............''

UNHRC urged against considering PSC route

TNA say no to PSC after repeated failed promises
16 February 2014

TNA has no confidence in Parliamentary Select Committee
08 July 2012

    1.UK wants a political solution in Lanka, 30 May 2014,

    2.America fears alienation of minorities, 29 May 2014,

    3.If the Governor blocks any attempts by the elected NPC to enact statutary laws ,
the international community, esp. the US and the UK will question Sri Lanka more and more

strip1 strip1 strip1 strip1

Sri Lanka War Crimes:

Sri Lanka’s dead and missing: the need for an accounting

... there’s a growing need for an accounting of – and for – those killed and missing in the final months of fighting in northern Sri Lanka in 2009. Members of the UN Human Rights Council, ...
War Crimes in Sri Lanka - ICG
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS ... Evidence gathered by the International Crisis Group suggests that these months saw tens of thousands of Tamil civilian men, women, children and the elderly killed, countless more wounded, and hundreds of thousands deprived of adequate food and medical care, resulting in more deaths... 

Sri lanka War crimes:
Channel 4 releases documentary evidence
19 Feb 2013
Releasing photos of LTTE leader Pirapaharan's 12-year-old son Balachandran, who was captured by the occupying Sinhala military in the final hours of the genocidal onslaught on Vanni, the British Channel 4 television on Monday said that the photos, which had been taken before and after the brutal slaying of the boy, stemmed from the same camera within a period of two hours. Releasing the photos in a write up to The Independent, Callum Macrae, the director of “No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka,” said “this is proof, beyond reasonable doubt, of the execution of a child – not a battlefield death.” The news was titled “Handed a snack, and then executed: the last hours of the 12-year-old son of a Tamil Tiger”.  Read More>>

Channel 4
Channel 4

Channel 4: "No Fire Zone" video (full version) will be screened  in March
21 February 2013
Callum Macray, producer of the Channel-4 television has produced another 90 minutes video “No Fire Zone”. This film would be screened at United Nation Human Rights Commission in March.

Macray stated these new video footage brief deaths of thousands of civilians, new scenes on war crimes and new interviews. Important sense of this video footage would be screened for Indian parliamentarians in Delhi next week.

This video footage would be strong evident against SriLanka, producer said. @

Channel 4: "No Fire Zone" video footage will be screened for Indian MP's
 21 February 2013
Channel- 4 video footage of “No Fire Zone” which briefs the Lankan war crime allegations reported in year 2009 would be screened at the Indian parliament tomorrow.

This 20 minutes video footage would be screen at 4.30 pm in the Constitution Club, New Delhi. Special discussion was also organized end of the screening, sources said.

Indian executive director of the Amnesty International G.Anandhapatmanadan, director of the Channel -4 Callum Macrae, Chief Editor of the IANS news agency M.R.Narayanasuwamy, and the professor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University P.Sagadevan will take part in this discussion.

Speaking to media Callum Marcare noted this video footage will clearly brief the war crime allegations in SriLanka and also stressed to take legal action on this issue or else it would lead for another bloody conflict in SriLanka, he said. @

Handed a snack, and then executed: the 12-year-old son of a Tamil Tiger - 18 Feb 2013
New photographs have emerged which raise fresh questions about the conduct of Sri Lanka’s armed forces during the final stages of the operation against Tamil rebels and have led to claims the 12-year-old son of the militants’ leader may have been summarily executed. [
Warning: Some may find the second image in the accompanying gallery distressing:pictures]
Balachandran Pirabaharan Balachandran BalachandranBalachandran
India: Headlines Today: Video Interview about Balachandran news Indian TV Coverage 19 Feb 2013
India: Outrage over killing of LTTE chief Prabhakaran's son; Sri Lanka rejects reports
Sri Lanka's envoy to India said Wednesday that photographs showing the late LTTE chief Velupillai Prabhakaran's son alive before being killed were morphed. Sri Lanka rejects charges of executing Prabhakaran's son.

Sri Lanka
Demographic Genocide
(Gov Planned Colonization of Tamil Homeland)
Land Grab
Settling Alien Military
Sri Lanka Demographic Genocide (Gov Planned Colonization of Tamil Homeland)

Attacks against Tamil farmers escalate in Vellaave’li, Batticaloa
25 February 2013
A Tamil village official looking after agricultural tracts (Vaddavithaa’nai) in Kevu’liyaa-madu in Vellaave’li division of Batticaloa district was severely assaulted four days ago by a group of Sinhalese settlers who have occupied the farm and grazing lands of Tamils. Two weeks ago, Sinhala ‘home guards’ had assaulted Tamil youths who were breeding their cattle in the same area, news sources in Vellaave’li said.

Sinhala militarisation, genocide in East goes unnoticed, unaccounted
17 Feb 2013
In the name of a Sinhala-titled programme ‘Divineguma,’ Colombo intensively spearheads structural genocide of Eezham Tamils in the East. It has now gone to the extent of mushrooming Sinhala military camps and settlements running grocery shops and restaurants to the public. The only major construction activity in the East is the construction of Sinhala military camps. By talking only of the North and leaving out the East, the visiting foreign dignitaries buttressing State in the island systematically obscure what is happening in the East and imply that the annihilation of the nation of Eezham Tamils in the East is ‘normal and acceptable’. The line of subversion started when Mr. Robert Blake was the US ambassador in Colombo after the SL military capture of the East from the LTTE, and the line was later taken up by the Indians, political activists in the East said. Read More>>

SL military operatives attack peaceful protest against Jaffna SMZ
Friday, 15 2013
TNA Protest
Sri Lankan military operatives, numbering around 10, who were sitting among the protestors in front of Thurkkai Amman temple in Thellippazhai, where a token fast was being observed with wider participation of Tamil parties and the opposition from the South, attacked the peaceful protestors after the SL Opposition Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe left the site taking part and addressing the protestors, who staged the token fast against Colombo changing the former SL Miltiary High Security Zone (HSZ) into Sinhala Military Zone (SMZ) in Jaffna. However, the attackers, causing panic, were confronted by the protestors when the SL military men went amok on Tamil parliamentarians and journalists at the site of the protest. More than one hundred SL policemen were silently watching the unfolding episode without doing anything to curb the civil clad military operatives. Sri Lanka government thugs operating
Sri Lankan military operatives. Were the operatives who attacked the the fasting-protesters supported by the police?
Mavai Senathirajah MP  -: 19 Feb 2013
The statement made by police that no one was arrested and no one captured and handed over any one at the fasting-protest trouble inorder to safeguard the criminals is an open indication that who are the real culprits of this attack on the protesters.

MP Mavai Senathirajah further said that, the attack to stop the fasting-protest leads to suspicions that if the police were accomplishes of this criminality. Read more in Tamil...


Sri Lanka Army Atrocities:

Sri Lanka Army Atrocities:

SLA threatens Mannaar farmers not to protest against discrimination
22 Feb 2013
The demonstration and fasting campaign organized by farmers organizations in Mannaar district earlier this week to protest against the discrimination by the SL government in Colombo in providing relief to affected farmers following the recent floods, was put off due to the threat issued by the intelligence Unit of the occupying Sri Lanka Army that those participating would be dealt severely under the ‘Sri Lankan Law’. Due to the threat and intimidation exerted by the SL intelligence, the demonstration was now put off for February 26, the organisers said. Read More>>


Sri Lanka &

Commonwealth & Sri Lanka
Host CHOGM in New Zealand: Tamil Action Front
20 Feb 2013
The Tamil Action Front (TAF) of New Zealand in a letter addressed to New Zealand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Murray McCully on Friday urged his government to offer to host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOGM) this year at New Zealand instead of in Sri Lanka, to save the dignity and decorum of the member states of the Commonwealth. The TAF also reminded the NZ government of its earlier request to explore the possibility of suspending Sri Lanka from the Commonwealth. Read More >>


Sri Lanka Army Atrocities:
SLA threatens Mannaar farmers not to protest against discrimination
22 Feb 2013
The demonstration and fasting campaign organized by farmers organizations in Mannaar district earlier this week to protest against the discrimination by the SL government in Colombo in providing relief to affected farmers following the recent floods, was put off due to the threat issued by the intelligence Unit of the occupying Sri Lanka Army that those participating would be dealt severely under the ‘Sri Lankan Law’. Due to the threat and intimidation exerted by the SL intelligence, the demonstration was now put off for February 26, the organisers said. Read More>>



An analysis of UNHRC 22nd session events just before some countries start to water down the US resolution in March 2013 - By Pon Chandran -

UN Deeply disturbed by shooting of journalst in Sri Lanka and status of LLRC Sri Lanka fails to keep war probe promises: UN
Feb 13, 2013

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka has failed to honour promises to investigate serious rights abuses and allegations that thousands of civilians were killed in the final stages of its ethnic war, a UN report says.

The report by human rights experts, which was submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on Monday, found that investigations by local authorities were inconclusive and were not independent or impartial.

Navi Pillay precludes ‘procedures’ to adopt by UNHRC process

While the US officials, who visited the island of Sri Lanka last month, were talking of tabling a ‘procedural resolution’ to approach affairs of the island at the March sessions of the UNHRC in Geneva, the report that has come from the office of Ms Navi Pillai (OHCHR) on Monday outlined what procedures have to be taken to further the processes started with last year’s resolution at the UNHRC. When the US-tabled resolution, watered down by India and passed last year, was fundamentally responsible for the acceleration of structural genocide of Eezham Tamils as witnessed in the course of the year, any further ‘procedural’ enhancement of the resolution is like decorating the rat’s tail with a silk tassel, as the saying in Tamil goes (eli vaalukku padduk kungncham), commented human rights activists in Jaffna.

Sri Lankan voices heard at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
Human rights and civil society groups have been making their voices heard in Geneva, ahead of the US-sponsored motion. [Presenter: Sen Lam; ABC Radio Australia :- 12 March 2013]

EU concerned over Sri Lanka's human rights and accountability
... The EU representative says that issues of human rights and accountability must be addressed and EU has publicly commented on the issue... 12-Mar-2013

Reprts From UNHRC

Reports From UNHRC

on Sri Lanka - Feb 2014 -

UNHRS Reply by Sri Lanka - feb 2014 -

UN Panel Report:

UNHRC Live webcast (click)

Will The IC Respond To The Just Voice Of The Tamil Students?
2- March 2013 - Pon Chandran

Despite tens of  millions of students protesting all over Tamil Nadu this week, requesting stern action against Genocidal Sri Lanka,
March 19, 2013
The Indian government seems to have been successful in watering down the proposed second US resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC. The revised US draft, which was tabled on Monday, is much softer and "there is a lot of evidence to clearly show the imprint of Indian influence," said G
Ananthapadmanabhan, Chief Executive of Amnesty International in India.

The revised US draft resolution is much softer in the context of the overwhelming volume of new evidence that has been unearthed since the 21st session of UNHRC last year.

There is a lot of evidence in this draft resolution to clearly show the imprint of Indian influence. There is a significant downgrading of the international community's concerns regarding human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

The draft resolution places the onus on Sri Lanka to set up a mechanism for a credible, independent investigation given that GoSL has had 4 years to show progress it is disappointing that the resolution does not call for an International investigation." he added.

[OHCHR (UNHRC) Report on Sri Lanka & LLRC 11 February 2013]
Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on advice and technical assistance for the Government of Sri Lanka on promoting reconciliation and accountability in Sri Lanka
11 February 2013

Abstracts from above report 64) .........In this regard, the report reaffirms the long-standing call for A/HRC/22/3818 an independent and credible international investigation into alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law, which could also monitor any domestic accountability process.

Sri Lankan voices heard at UN Human Rights Council in Geneva
Human rights and civil society groups have been making their voices heard in Geneva, ahead of the US-sponsored motion. [Presenter: Sen Lam; ABC Radio Australia :- 12 March 2013]

Sri Lanka in Geneva:

Sri Lanka Preparing For Another International Embarrassment
8 Mar 2013 - Geneva

US Draft Resolution: Promoting Reconciliation and Accountability in Sri Lanka Options
Draft as on 1st March:

"No Fire Zone": The screening of the film/documentary "No Fire Zone" by Channel 4 took place on the 1st March in Geneva UNHRC campus, during this 2013 session. Read about what transpired at the film release.

Resonse from Civil Society to the report submitted by genocidal Sri Lanka at UNHRC 22nd Session in Geneva.

LLRC not implemented: US reports in HR Council session 26 Feb 2013 Watch video.
Advance to time mark 08:00 to view Sri Lanka related matters.

re7 see7
UN expected to send delegation to Sri Lanka without visas for investigat​ions: Fonseka
28 February 2013

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UNHRC Session 1 March 2013
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The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, speaking at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) yesterday after submitting her annual report for 2012, said she welcomed the release of the report of the internalreview panel [ report] on the United Nations actions in Sri Lanka during the last phase of the conflict.

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An extract of a mail message from a desparate Tamil:

UNHRC Session: Today's update March 2013
The plight of Tamil women and about proposed US resolution.
28 feb 2013:  By Paul Newman. Message Forwarded by:
Nadarajah Thirugnanasothy <>
Sent: Thursday, 28 February 2013, 18:30
Subject: Today's update

This afternoon the International Development Law Organisation, The Australian Permanent Mission, the Permanent Mission of Austria.  The title of the side event was ‘ Women’s acess to justice: Models, strategies and practices from the field’.  Others in attendance included a Finnish minister, Ms.Miriam Estrada, former minister of Social Affairs, Ecuador, Ms.Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, the UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and Children, Ms. Erika Feller, Assistant High Commissioner, Protection, UNHCR, Ms.Hina Jilani, former special representative of the UNSG onn Human Rights Defenders, Ms.Silvia Pimentel, Chair, CEDAW working group on women and access to Justice. Ms.Paula Schriefer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, US and the Italian Ambassador to UN The facilitator was Ms.Irene Khan for Secretary General of Amnesty International.

After all the presentations, the floor was opened for questioning and as male, I got a chance to speak. I narrated the plight of the SL war widows totaling 90,000, among 140,000 Tamil women which works out to  a ration of nearly 1:14. These women need to compete with men and the SL military as the only jobs available to them are landmine clearance and fishing. They live amidst the military without a right to assembly or mourn the dead. There cannot be any meetings or gatherings without the presence of the military and these women have no access to justice or livelihood, in such a situation how would these women respond under state repression, it is a very pessimistic situation. How would the panel respond?

After I spoke there was complete silence.

Among the panelists nobody answered my question. After the seminar was over, Dr.Kuna went to Ms.Irene Khan to find out why they had not answered my question. The answer was nobody was competent to answer the question but everyone knew what was happening there. Then , Ms.Miriam Estrada, former minister of Social Affairs, Ecuador told Dr.Kuna that the Sri Lankan situation was always linked to the discussion on terrorism and that gave Sri Lanka to easily escape from being punished. She also told Dr.Kuna that the Security Council decided who needs to be punished and who can escape and she offered her help to the Tamil war widows in her capacity as former CEDAW member and a Professor at Raoul Wallenberg Institute.

In the meantime I met Ms.Paula Schriefer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, US and asked her to spare sometime to discuss SL. She was happy to do so. I told her that the Tamils were disappointed with the US bringing in soft resolutions and giving the state of Sri Lanka an easy route to escape as there were no word such as International Investigations or Genocide or reference to the post war situations of Sinhalisation and militarization. At first she thanked me that I brought up this issue during the question answer session. Then she thanked me on behalf of the US government because they felt that the pressure in Tamilnadu was the key to India joining them.
She further elaborated that the men and women coming out on to the streets in Tamilnadu was much appreciated by the US and that is what has really made New Delhi panicky. She requested that the people of Tamilnadu should keep up the momentum.

Then she began explaining the reasons for the soft resolutions. As sovereignty is a big term, no country would like to support a country specific resolution as it was an International insult to the country on which the resolution is directed. That apart every country supporting the resolution wanted a very diplomatic language to be used and not harsh terms. First, countries need to be given adequate time for settling their own issues domestically before the International community could intervene. The International Community feels that Sri Lanka should be engaged constructively.  She felt what US was doing was a very big thing for them keeping in mind Sri Lanka enjoyed the support of Russia and China Internationally.  Her personal opinion was that it would be very difficult to get this resolution passed and US was working overtime on it and that is the reason she was personally present in Geneva.


Dr.Paul Newman

அமெரிக்கப் பிரேரணை தொடர்பிலான உபமாநாடு: இந்தியா மௌனம் - மேற்குலகம் விடாப்பிடி - சீனா, ரஸ்யா, கியூபா கடும் எதிர்ப்பு!
8 Mar 2013 - Geneva

UNHRC Sessions March 2013

Watch Video: Navi Pillay, High-Level Segment - 1st Meeting, 22nd Regular Session Human Rights Council
25 Feb 2013 - Ms. Navi Pillay, High Commissioner HRC, Opening of the session and High-Level Segment - 1st Meeting, 22nd Regular Session Human Rights Council (25th February - 22nd March 2013)    ...Read More
Vienna Declaration - HR,

2009: Sri Lanka Resolution: Lies of Sri Lanka adopted

Out of the Silence: Ongoing torture in Sri Lanka: 2009-2011 - NGO Freedom from Torture


Report highlights UN “failure” in Sri Lanka

Lanka Acadamic
Pillay told people threatened
Navi Pillay is told that several people who spoke to her during her visit to the North have been threatened
August 30, 2013
C.V.Vigneswaran     The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has told the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay that several people who spoke to her during her visit to the North have been threatened.
TNA Chief Ministerial candidate for the Northern elections C.V. Wigneswaran said that the TNA communicated this to her when they had a meeting at the Cinnamon Lakeside hotel today.
Pillay had visited the North this week and met several civilians including relatives of those reported missing during and soon after the war.
The TNA had briefed Pillay on the current situation in the north and expressed confidence that she will issue a balanced report at the end of her visit.
Wigneswaran also said that Pillay was told that the government had failed to abide by the agreement reached between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon.
Pillay had told the TNA delegation during their 45 minute meeting that she had received a lot of information during her Sri Lanka visit. (Colombo Gazette)

Need for implementing MR-Moon post-war agreement stressed
Need for implementing Sri Lanka-UN post-war agreement stressed by TNA
TNA-Pillay meeting
August 30, 2013, 10:23 pm

By Shamindra Ferdinando

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) yesterday told visiting United Nations
Human Rights High Commissioner Navanethem Pillay that the post-war
agreement, between President Mahinda Rajapaksa and UNSG Ban Ki-moon, should
be implemented in full.

The TNA asserted that it was the responsibility on the part of the UN to
ensure that the government adhered to the agreement. Having led the TNA
delegation for talks with Pillay, at the Cinnamon Lakeside, Trincomalee
district MP Sampanthan told The Island that they focused on the agreement
finalised in Colombo following the UNSG's visit on May 23, 2009.

The final battle was fought on the banks of the Nanthikadal lagoon on May
19, 2009.

Responding to a query, the veteran politician said that a joint statement,
dated May 26, which addressed three critical matters, was meant for
implementation, though the government was yet to fulfil its obligations four
years after the conclusion of the conflict.

The TNA Leader said that President Rajapaksa and the UNSG agreed that
addressing the aspirations and grievances of all communities and working
towards a lasting political solution was fundamental to ensuring long-term
socio-economic development.

The second agreement dealt with the resettlement and rehabilitation of those
affected by the conflict.

MP Sampanthan said that finally Sri Lanka reiterated its strongest
commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights, in keeping with
international human rights standards and Sri Lanka's international

"The UNSG underlined the importance of an accountability process for
addressing violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.
The government assured the UNSG that it would take measures to address those
grievances," the TNA chief said.

The TNA's chief ministerial candidate for the Northern Provincial Council
polls, former Supreme Court judge C. V. Vigneswaran and MPs M. A.
Sumanthiran, Mavai Senathiraja and Suresh Premachandran participated in the

Sumanthiran told The Island that the government hadn't fulfilled any of the
commitments it made to the UNSG. Referring to the killing of five students
in Trincomalee and the massacre of 17 aid workers at Mutturm at the onset of
Eelam War IV, Sumanthiran said that there was no likelihood of a credible

He said: "We also raised several other issues, including heavy military
presence in the Northern Province, restrictions placed on the community,
gang rape of women in Pooneryn and Vishvamadu, attacks, long-term detainees
as well as the failure on the part of the government to implement the
recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission."

MP Sumanthiran alleged that the problem was the government was not ready to
share power. Instead of implementing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution
an attempt was being made to do away with even the existing powers.

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